We have brought huge variety of shades of brown color with color name, hex code, RGB code. This includes both light brown and dark brown shades. Ideal for graphic designers and artists. With this, there is no need to browse through different websites to find color combinations, their codes and names.

In the first section you will get a quick overview of different combinations of brown color in the form of info graphic. The second section has a complete list of shades of brown color.  


Browse a huge collection of brown color shades and create stunning graphic in 2 minutes. Pick your favorite color shade from brown color combinations.

what does brown color represent?

Brown color represents stone, wood, earth, reliability, fall and winter. Blue has strong correspondence with security. As per brown color psychology, it is also considered for honesty and healing.

history of brown color

The word brown is a derivation of old English “brún,” used for dusky and darkish shades of color. Brown is the best representation of earthiness. Though Brown is a dark and dull hue, it mainly embodies well-being, constancy, and simplicity. Brown is one of the preferable choices of artists since ancient times. In early 40,000 BC, the painters used umber, a natural clay pigment composed of manganese oxide and iron oxide. In the 17th century, another natural earth color, known as Van Dyke brown, used by painters. There are multiple shades of brown that are used by artists.

colors that go with brown shades

Color contrasts are the colors when combined with any color gives a cool feel. These are the colors which appears on opposite side of color wheel. Finding a good color contrast is one of the most important step in designing the stylish look. Here are couple of colors that go well with brown shades.


This design has different contrasts of brown color. When combined with tan, hot pink and olive green, it gives a holistic look.


This design has different contrasts of brown color. When combined with champagne, aquamarine and teal, it gives a stylish look.


eye catching banners with brown shades

Brown color shows the strength and reliability. It is also considered to be the color of earth. Checkout some of our stunning design ideas with shades of brown color.


The brown shade used in this design has a hex code #553015.


The brown shade used in this design has a hex code #392722.


All Shades of brown color – [Grid Format]

Here is the list of all shades of color brown we have. Simply copy the hex code or RGB code and use in your design. You can also use hex color picker tool from image to get color codes. 

Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown
HEX #c04860
RGB 192 72 96
Woody Brown
HEX #483030
RGB 72 48 48
Sandy brown
HEX #f0a860
RGB 240 168 96
HEX #906000
RGB 144 96 0

different shades of brown color with name – comprehensive guide

Quick look at brown color combinations in the form of chart. From light brown to dark brown , the collection gives a good idea to the graphic designers what color to choose.  These brown shades may differ in saturation, intensity, lightness and/or brightness. Shade is also known as tint or variation of a color. 

Bonus: If you like brown color shades then I am sure you will love the following brown color shade names as well. Here are some top picks 

Color NameHex CodeRGB Code
Fuzzy Wuzzy BrownHEX #C04860RGB 192 72 96
Woody BrownHEX #483030RGB 72 48 48
Sandy BrownHEX #F0A860RGB 240 168 96


Frequently Asked Questions 


What are different colors of brown?
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown
  • Woody Brown
  • Walnut
  • Coffee
  • Russet
  • Sandy Brown


What is the hex code of brown color?

Hex code of brown color is #964B00.

What is the RGB code of brown color?

RGB code of brown color is (150,75,0)