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Use our free html color picker from image tool to get color from any image. Upload the image or give image path to generate the colors. 

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HTML code: #dddddd
RGB code: 221,221,221
Dominant Color:

How to get hex color from image – Step 1

Upload your image from computer or give a image path from internet. Example: https://pixabay.com/photos/image.jpeg

 How to get hex color from image – Step 2

Once the image is uploaded, click on any part of the image from where you want to pick the color.

Once the desired color from the image is picked – then you will see hex color code, hmtl color code and rgb color code of the selected image.

This tool will also provide the dominant color used in the source image. If you would like to get the color scheme idea which matches your design then simply upload the image you like and the tool will provide you top 8 colors used in the image. This tool is handy to get perfect color scheme for any website or app design.   

Why you need a color picker tool?

When you work on the visuals, you often require to create graphics, shapes, and text, etc. that impeccably matches the specific image. In that scenario, Color Picker helps in the selection of an exact color from an image.

For instance, you are working on the creation of imagery for a marketing campaign or working on the user documentation, and you surely need to focus the guidelines being provided by the brand. Among all those guidelines, the selection of color picker from the image is the most significant one, because choosing the right color can expressively glorify the document.

Though it’s not difficult to remember the color values of multiple brands as they can be chosen easily. All you need to do is to memorize the color values and enter them whenever you have to pick the color. But factually, it’s a time-consuming process. Instead, you can go for a color picker tool because it gives desirable results in no time.

The current discussion also intends to highlight the procedure of how to pick a color from an image that significantly enhances the magnificence of your brand. 

How to Use a Color Picker that Matches Color

Color picker is a useful online color picker tool that is used for editing online images and texts. It permits you the selection of colors of multiple visual elements, including shapes of the graphics and text of the documents.

Currently, the color picker tool has introduced various latest features in different video editing tools and images. One of the most prominent features is RGB color picker from image and Hex(hexadecimal) color picker from the image. This feature enables the identification of an image based on HEX and RGB values.

A Hex Color picker makes the selection of ideal colors convenient for the designers, whereas the RGB color picker chooses the new shades, hues, and tints for different imagery.

Moreover, an HTML color picker is used for selecting the colors that can be shown in displaying web pages. They get specified according to the English name in some cases. Usually, the hexadecimal code is itemized with notation by applying a leading number sign.

While using a color picker, you can go for the option of clicking a space that comprises a color in a question that can be displayed by the color picker. Once you have identified the color, it can be applied to the desired shapes, texts, and other documents on the canvas.

This is the best way to ideally match the guidelines of the brand and to maintain a constant theme.


Color gradient generator

Generate color gradient between any two colors. Simply select two colors and you will get the range of in between colors.

Color gradients

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