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An overview of periwinkle color

Periwinkle color belongs to a violet and blue family. This gentle shade got the name after the lesser periwinkle herb. Though the color has a significant belonging to an indigo family but somewhere sits between violet and blue hue. To a naked eye, the color looks pale blue with the hints of lavender all over.

History of periwinkle color

As discussed earlier, the periwinkle flower got the name after the subtle flowering plant. The name is a derivation of the name of the flower’s formerly known as pervinca. The Romans initially used it. One of the core characteristics of the periwinkle plant is that they have star-shaped blossoms in multiple hues, including purple and white. The traditional English churches used lavender-tinted Periwinkle to represent the Virgin Mary. The proper use of Periwinkle in the English alphabets was recorded in 1922

Meaning of periwinkle color

The soft and delicate tone of periwinkle shade signifies innocence, loyalty, and devotion. The feminine and sensitive attributes of this shade make it an ideal choice for the wedding, including the dresses of bride-maid.

Periwinkle signifies tranquillity, peace, midwinter, and ice. It can also indicate prospering friendships, slushy recollections, and eternal love.

Different psychologists have considered the impacts of various hues on human conduct for quite a while. Shades in the blue family will, in general, have a general quieting, constructive outcome on the human personality, and Periwinkle is one of them. Its quieted tones conjure sentiments of pleasantness, idealism, and good cheer inside the watcher.

Where to use periwinkle color?

Like multiple blue shades, this hue is the symbol of elegance and decency as well. It’s a decent alternative for workplaces and libraries, where it can help energize a climate of calm profitability. The interior and wallpaper decoration at home with the periwinkle theme increases the energy level and motivation.

Periwinkle color code

The color code of periwinkle shade is #CCCCFF. In RGB color space, the periwinkle shade contains 80% green, 80% red, and 100% blue.

Color spaces of periwinkle color

Color contrast with periwinkle color

Yellow is the best contrast for the periwinkle color. The violet and blue-violet shade goes great with lemon, mustard, gold, and lemon. Orange and green are also in the trend that enhances the grace of this shade. Magenta, Indigo, and violet are amazing contrasts with this shade.

Variation of periwinkle color

Following are the different shades of periwinkle hue including;

  • Lavender blue
  • Pastel blue
  • Turquoise
  • Crayola
  • Pale blue 
  • Purple
  • Violet

Design ideas with periwinkle color

Create stunning graphic by using periwinkle color. Here are some of the designs where periwinkle color is used in the designs. This will give you an idea how to use periwinkle color in designs

Shades and gradients of periwinkle

A shade is created by adding color black to any hue while tint is achieved by adding white to any color. While a gradient is a visual affect of gradually transitioning from one color to the other color. In the color gradient you can also specify starting and ending point of a color to show all in between colors. Gradient plays a vital role in modern designs. 

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