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An overview of neon green color

Out of all the shades of green color, Neon green is considered as the brightest shade of green. This hue is the neighbor of lime green shade in the color wheel. As compared to lime green color, the neon green color only brings the small pigment of blue tones for the balance effect. Whereas, the lime green color contains an excessive red tint.

History of neon green color

According to the pre-existence of the conventional painter wheel till the 20th century, there was no evidence of featuring the neon shades. The reason is that these extremely bright colors were later on created by adding specific chemical methods. Even now, the glow of these neon shade is created by the emission of light, that’s why it’s quite challenging to achieve the desired neon shade by applying traditional printing methods.

Bob Switzer initially discovered luminescent paint during the 1930s. In the wake of enduring a mishap, the Ohio young person was encouraged to recoup in a dull room. To sit back, he played around with waving fluorescent minerals around noticeable all around, which motivated his later trials with blending wood varnish and the metals. The following item was named Day-Glo. A similar innovation was later used to make high-permeability coats for World War II GIs.

Due to the high visibility, the neon shades were later used on the signboards and in the technical clothing for multiple purposes, including turning viewers’ attention towards the warning message. Moreover, the bright shades were used to enhance the individual’s visibility at the highways, railways, and building sites, etc. 

Meaning of neon green color

Neon Green, a bright shade, symbolizes you to focus on life. The color evokes a balanced life. Wearing the neon shade signifies the determination towards the achievement of goals. Thus forth, the neon green highlights the strong willpower, bravery, and attention towards achieving particular goals.

Where to use neon green color?

The color best adds vibrancy and enhances the great excitement in interior designing. The fashion industry uses the Neon shade to look trendy as the neon outfits better make them stand out from the crowd. 

Neon green color code

The hex code of neon green color is  #39FF14. In RGB color space, this bright shade is comprised of 22.4% red, 100% green, and 7.8% blue.

Color spaces of neon green color

Color contrast with neon green color

Lime Green, Pink, Olive Green, purple, yellow, white, red, and violet color better complement the neon shade. 

Variation of neon green color

If you are looking for different hues of neon green color then following are the best options to make selection including;

  • Lime Green
  • Seafoam Green
  • Forest Green
  • Kelly Green
  • Irish Green

Design ideas with neon green color

Create stunning graphic by using neon green color. Here are some of the designs where neon green color is used in the designs. This will give you an idea how to use neon green color in designs.

Shades and gradients of neon green

A shade is created by adding color black to any hue while tint is achieved by adding white to any color. While a gradient is a visual affect of gradually transitioning from one color to the other color. In the color gradient you can also specify starting and ending point of a color to show all in between colors. Gradient plays a vital role in modern designs. 

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