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An overview of midnight blue color

Midnight blue is the darker shade of blue and got the title of midnight due to its considerable resemblance with the blue color of moonlit when its full moon. Midnight blue is considered as the shade of indigo color, and also quite similar to the navy-blue color that is the shade of blue. Though navy blue and midnight blue look the same but they both are different as navy blue is the more in-depth and darker shade of blue as compared to midnight blue. Midnight is a relatively lighter hue.

You can get the midnight blue color by mixing the black shade with the blue base. To get the desired shade requires you to mix it well till you get the midnight blue.

History of midnight blue color

The proper use of midnight shade was introduced in 1915. The hue got the name because of the similarity with the dark blue tone of the sky at night when it’s the full moon. As the color name recently acquired the title of midnight shade but the midnight skies can be seen from ages in the artwork from the 1800s, including the Starry Night.

Back in the 1920s, the midnight shade was popularly used as the uniforms and tuxedos for the Duke of Windsor of England. According to Edward, as compared to black color, midnight is the better option for the photographer to capture every bit of detail, including lapels, pockets, and buttons, etc. Out of many midnight-blue uniforms, one suit is also the part of “The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Collection.”

Meaning of midnight blue color

Just like any other shade of blue, the midnight blue hue is the symbol of superiority and grace. It connotation with the royalty evokes the sureness, authority, and supremacy, that’s why it’s the ideal choice to use in the formal occasions. This deep shade also signifies the mystery and suspense.

As per the color psychology, the hue has connectivity with reliability, integrity, and truthfulness.

Where to use midnight blue color?

Midnight blue is one of the most elegant choices for the formal attires, official interior, decors, and furniture.  Matching the midnight blue with other shaded evoke the beauty and grace of the room and interior.

Midnight blue color code

The hex code of midnight blue color is #191970. In RGB color space, midnight blue color contains 9.8% green, 9.8% red, and 43.9% blue.

Color spaces of midnight blue color

Color contrast with midnight blue color

Midnight blue is the versatile shade and goes great with the variety of colors including orange, maroon, grey, light blue, olive, hot pink, purple, yellow.

Variation of midnight blue color

Following are some considerable variation of midnight hue including;

  • Electric blue
  • Crayola
  • Royal blue
  • Navy Blue

Design ideas with midnight blue color

Create stunning graphic by using midnight blue color. Here are some of the designs where midnight blue color is used in the designs. This will give you an idea how to use midnight blue color in designs.

Shades and gradients of midnight blue

A shade is created by adding color black to any hue while tint is achieved by adding white to any color. While a gradient is a visual affect of gradually transitioning from one color to the other color. In the color gradient you can also specify starting and ending point of a color to show all in between colors. Gradient plays a vital role in modern designs.

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