Magic of Awesome YouTube Thumbnail

Magic of Awesome YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube Thumbnail is the cover of your video having resemblance with the book cover. When you see a video in organic searches with dazzling cover, you will never stop yourself from clicking on the video for watching purpose. Short text on the Thumbnail is just like the newspaper heading that made the reader to read the full article. This visual video heading creates magic on the viewers if it is properly designed by the professional designers.

YouTube Thumbnail is content for Organic Searches

In internet marketing contents are KING and relative contents are the focusing area of the audiences. YouTube Thumbnail is the visual and attention driving contents for your brand. Relevancy made the viewers to become subscribers that are vey helping in promotion of a YouTube Video. You can say that noteworthy YouTube Thumbnail can make visibility of your video in YouTube searches as well as Google organic searches.

How YouTube Choose Thumbnail

In YouTube channel when your video finishes uploading, YouTube automatically select the Thumbnails from your videos and gives you option to select any one out of three. This video cover many be blur as it is taken from the video and text on it may or may not be matching with your choice. So if your channel is verified you have open option of Custom Thumbnail. For this aim you have to go into the “Video Manager” and select  “Add Custom Thumbnail” option. Now you can browse and select the image that you have professionally designed for your business.

While working with Custom YouTube Thumbnail, you can periodically change your professional image as it is the best habit to use dynamic YouTube Thumbnail. You can use text and logo at lower bottom of video cover for better view and introduction of business.

Size and Resolution of YouTube Thumbnail

Every designer that plans to create image must be very conscious about the size and resolution of the image. There is standard defined for dimensions of video cover that gives attractive outlook to it. Image size and resolution is given below

  1. YouTube allows you to use the resolution 1280 x 720 pixels. The minimum recommended width is 640 pixels
  2. You can use the images of the type .JPG , .GIF, .BMP or .PNG
  3. File size be under the limit of 2 MB
  4. Most of the YouTube players use the ratio aspect 16:9 and it is also for your use.

Create YouTube Thumbnail with Contrast Colors

Contrast Colors instantly divert the attention of the visitors and its effects on eyes and brain are long lasting. This verified technique gives more clicks to your videos and people start watching the videos.

Always use contrast colors with relative and attractive text on Thumbnail. When you are struggling for featured videos this contrast color option will really work. People love to read this bright and dazzling combination of color and text. Keep your image natural as un-natural image will distract the views and they will not watch the whole video. As a result bounce rate will be higher that will slowly decrease the ranking of the video. A time will come your video will not be at good ranking.

Role of Whitespace

An interactive design structure is combination of many elements and out of these neglected one is whitespace that is also called negative space. You often see space around and inside a stunning graphics that is white space. Because of whitespace you can balance the image look and also enhance the visual communication experience.

Whitespaces on YouTube Thumbnail focus your eyes on the contents and make your message prominent. Always leave a white space around your image as it has similarity with the book title that has space below and above.

In short you can say that white space give high quality and professional look to YouTube Thumbnail that it deserves.

Short and Meaningful Title

If you are asked to write the meaning of whole paragraph in a sentence, you must acquire such a skill to fulfill the requirement. For this purpose, if you are lacking of such skill, you can consult your friend or hire some skilled person but the tile must be concise and meaningful. Give a unique look to the title by giving white spaces between the characters. For example Instead of  “ Top Ten White Hat SEO Techniques Recommended by Webmaster to Score Business Leads” you should write “ 10 Lead Generation SEO Techniques “.  Viewer’s eyes will at once capture this title.

Still Images for Outstanding outlook

In a YouTube Thumbnail, You are advised to use the still pictures in stylish mode of high quality captured by a camera of high resolution. Images from the video are not proven good for the thumbnails as most of the time people in image appear with dull and odd expression when the video is paused. This appearance in the image is completely different than the gesture in the video. It happens seldom your video is paused with natural expression for image that is used for video cover.

Finally it is important for you to use high quality still image instead of capturing it from your video.

Always use Impressive Pictures

High quality pictures with precise and relative text on image always draw the attention of the viewers. GotoDesigno is tool that have very rich gallery of free stock images and many of these photos have high quality. For your business you have to make a little effort for searching relative picture from gallery. Hopefully you will find it and take forward step for further optimization.

Always use Consistent Style

On professional channels on YouTube it is seen that consistent style thumbnails are used. In visual marketing consistent style is one of the best ways for branding your image. When professional internet marketers view such array of images, they must navigate the channel as professional vision attracts them. In this section it is free option available to use the free stock images.

If your skill is very limited in graphic designing you can use the GoTODesigno tool for this purpose.

Some Cares about YouTube Thumbnail

  • Always avoid in using irrelevant images and text as they will give a bad introduction to your whole channel
  • Never use the blur image as this will keep away the views from watching your video
  • Stop yourself from using too much text on the images as business related images have their own introduction.

Ending Words

On many of the YouTube channel videos are there with automated Thumbnails. The frequency of clicks on such thumbnails is less as compared to the customized Thumbnails that are properly sized and has high quality. Custom Thumbnails always invites the more viewers and finally source of promotion of the video.

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