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YouTube Profile Picture

Your YouTube profile picture is your channel icon right below your channel art. It will also be the thumbnail picture that will display next to your name whenever you comment on videos of other users. Users who click on it will be redirected to your channel. Now if you’re curious to know the YouTube avatar size then keep on reading!

Check this table out for some important YouTube videos and images dimensions along with their aspect ratios for your ultimate ease:

Is My YouTube Profile Picture Important?

One of the most valuable pieces of art on your channel profile pictures. They kind of reflect your profile and channel, appear wherever you comment, and also display when you upload videos right next to your channel. So you should always make sure to apply all the right practices for a YouTube profile picture if possible.

What Is the Ideal YouTube Profile Picture Size? 

For all those wondering how big is a YouTube profile picture in size? Then keep on reading!

The best recommended YouTube channel icon size is 800 pixels by 800 pixels in dimensions. Its size in inches or you can say in aspect ratio is 1:1.      

How to make a YouTube profile picture?

Now you know the best YouTube icon size but you’re still wondering how to make a YouTube profile picture? Then there’s no need to worry as gotodesigno is here to solve all your graphical problems!

Just follow this step by step guide to the no.1 graphic tool and start making your graphics in a second:

Step 1: log in to your gotodesigno account.

Step 2: choose the graphic tool option among the given ones.

Step 3: set the YouTube avatar size in the given fields that are 800 pixels by 800 pixels.

Step 4: Click on create to create your graphic.

Step 5: start designing your perfect profile picture by choosing several options ranging from background, icons, uploads, and videos.

Step 6: save and download your graphics and use them instantly anywhere you want to.

YouTube Profile Picture Best Practices

Other than getting your YouTube logo size right there are few things to consider for your profile picture to stand out from the rest.

Check out this infographic for better finding:

YouTube Profile Picture Size - Best Practices

YouTube Profile Picture Size – Best Practices

Keep reading and find out more:

The cropping of your picture

Take that picture crop into consideration. A good approach would be to keep the circular shape in mind when making your profile picture. To be in the safe zone, pick a photo with plenty of space to flex for YouTube picture cropper.

Keep it Similar

Uploading a profile picture on YouTube that you’ve uploaded almost on all of your social media platforms is a good way to let your followers find you easily and you’ll get high engagement on all of your social accounts as well. It also makes you official and lets your users know that it is not a fake account.

Keeping it minimalistic

Being minimalist in regards to your profile picture is a great way for your users to recognize you or your brand clearly without having to zoom in their screens as a profile picture is shown differently on different devices.

A pop of color

Again minimalistic backgrounds not only mean you can only use white backgrounds but you can always add a pop of color to your branding YouTube profile picture for increased user engagement.

Relevancy between your profile pic & channel art

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to make the same profile picture just as you made your channel art. What you can do is coordinate and color contrast between the two to simply stand out.

YouTube profile picture template           

Now that you know the YouTube picture size for your profile, you can easily make an outstanding profile picture for sure. But if you want some amazingly made, easy-to-use, and free YouTube profile picture template then gotodesigno is always here for you!

Check these pretty templates for YouTube profile picture and use them freely:


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