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Quick and easy way to create YouTube Outro

Do you want to create outros that make your videos more prominent than others?

Or are you busy making videos that you don’t have time to make an outstanding outro?

Then follow our guide and make the most out of those 10 seconds.

This blog will keep you entertained till the end with some outstandingly curated info about YouTube outros.

And guide you through all the ways you can become a pro at making outros with ease.

YouTube channels are growing by the minute and the quality of the content is getting higher and higher.

If you want to keep your subscribers bonded to your channel then you need to make exceptional and exciting content first.

And then so does the need of making informative and innovative outros come in play to keep your subscribers hitched to your channel.

So let’s dig in the basics first!

The ideal YouTube Outro Size

The ideal YouTube outro size is 1920 x 1080 pixels with the aspect ratio of 16:9. This is the same size as YouTube video. These settings will work both for desktop and mobile devices.

YouTube outro appears as the last few frames of your video where you can promote your other content. Give the viewers atleast 10 seconds for the outro so that viewer can read over what you are offering and make the decision accordingly before the screen goes black. 

How to create youtube outro in 3 easy steps

1. Login to and choose pre-made template

2. Customize the design by changing the text, font and icons using our drag and drop feature. 

3. Download the logo in different resolution including transparent background. Its that easy!

Create YouTube Outro with stunning templates

Looking for a free outro maker? Then look no more because you landed on the right page.

We have extraordinary YouTube outro templates for you to have a look at.

You can also choose to customize them with ease or edit the outro templates we have in our gallery for your added benefit.

I know you must be thinking this is the best YouTube outro maker. Well, then thanks for appreciating guys!

But we would also like you to find out some best examples that are mentioned below,

So that you know what type of outro you want to create through our skillful tool.

What is YouTube outro?

A YouTube outro is the last few frames of your video where you can promote your other content within the given time limit that is ten seconds.

So an outro to your video is really important to be made with great interest.

By doing so, you can increase followers on your YouTube channel by making the most mind-boggling YouTube outros.

Follow some amazing practices to get a complete guide on how to make an outro for your YouTube video.


Guide to make some awesome outros

If you’re new to YouTube you might be wondering how to make a YouTube outro?

Or maybe you have never added outros before to any of your videos?

Then like always, we got you covered!

To make an awesome and engaging outro you need to follow some basic guidelines to master the art.

  • Make relevant connections to the video you’re adding this outro on and the video you’re displaying to be watched next.
  • Make use of the space and display your YouTube subscribe icon somewhere prominent in one of the four corners of your screen to make new subscribers redirected to your channel homepage once they click on it.
  • Promoting your other social media is not a crime so throw in your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page’s handles along with their logos again in some corner to keep the next video in focus.
  • And you can also add a little screened video in which you can ask the viewers to like your video and watch the next one or even ask them to subscribe if they haven’t already.
  • If you have a website, then you can divert your audience into going there by mentioning the logo or the name of the website along with a product icon that you sell there.
  • It’s always good to have a schedule for your YouTube videos so why not add it in your outro too. This will also bring you more new subscribers for sure.
  • The most important tip from this guide is to keep everything simple and minimalist. Although you can add backgrounds that are vibrant but try not to jumble everything to keep the impact and essence of everything altogether.

Now wasn’t that a piece of cake? I know it was.

Let’s jump into some irritating and pricey options you don’t want to adopt for your outro.

Example: Same the cooking guy


Before we explain to you how to create the idyllic Facebook event cover photo, let us share some smart tips and tricks with you, as these tips and tricks can help your page stand outside the crowd.

Some options to avoid while making outro

Design Software/Photoshop

These are the graphic design software that you can buy or use their trial version for free with some limitations to their tools.

Both ways you’re going to end up getting frustrated because it requires a lot of learning about its tools before you even start to use them.

So skipping the hassle will leave you out of all that tension.

Example: Yellow Productions


Graphic designers

This is an easier option than the Photoshop one. Graphic designers are great to work with and you can easily find one for yourself on websites like Fiverr, freelancer, and Upwork.

But if you need quality graphics or content then these designers are a lot expensive to afford.

So in our opinion don’t opt for a graphic designer and move on to the next one. 

Unhandy outro making apps

An application-based or website-based tool can be one of the best options for you in terms of saving you time and money both.

But these outro makers are sometimes inconvenient and hard to use because of their unfriendly user-layout.

To relieve you of all the worries, Gotodesigno is always here!

We don’t like to brag but you can check out our Gotdesigno graphic tool’s simple user interface design, and then decide to rate our usability after that.

How to make YouTube outro with GoToDesigno

Presenting you quick guidance about how to create Facebook event photo with a GoToDesigno template:

  • Go to Templates and look for Facebook Event category.
  • Click the beautiful templates as per your preference, and then click the Customize this template button.
  • Select the text you intend to change, click inside the text box and simply
  • You can change the color, fonts, and effects, etc. by merely clicking at graphics.
  • All set? Download the graphic in high resolution to upload on Facebook

Example: Kapke & Co Events 

Benefits of using GoToDesigno

Try GoToDesigno tool for free. Here are some of the advantages you will get by using our tool.

  • User our drag & drop feature to create outro in minutes
  • No graphic design experience required. Super easy to use
  • Thousands of stock photos and icons available for free use
  • Hundreds of fonts available to make your design stunning
  • The big thing – thousands of pre-made templates available designed by our top-notch graphic designers suitable for wide range of niches
  • Create one design and resize it quickly for other social networks


Checkout some amazing video outro examples: 

Get inspiration from these awesome YouTube outro backgrounds and design the best one using our outro maker.  

All Design Ideas

Their YouTube outro showcases their short video on the right and their logo right below it.

And then on the left they have added a link to their recent contest for their subscribers.

Plus a link that takes you to another window for more details. 

Will Paterson

Will’s YouTube video outro contains two playlists on the right side featuring two more stunning videos.

And on the left side, you can see he did show the design trend video and on right side tips for AI. In the middle he has placed his profile picture beautifully.  

Steps to add outro to YouTube Videos

Once you are done with cusotomizing the outro, the next step is to download the outro and save on your computer. After this, follow below mentioned steps.

  • Login to YouTube Channel and open the video in edit mode where you want to add the outro
  • Now click on the “Add” element
  • On the next step, add the downloaded outro image which you have created
  • Click on the save button.

Wrapping this up

Hopefully, we covered what you guys were looking for in our fully-packed-with-information blog post.

Do tell us which of the tips you like and are going to follow for your next YouTube outro.

Your feedback is valuable so don’t hesitate and write to us in the comments.

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