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GoToDesigno is an online graphic design tool for non-graphic designers. You can create graphics for social media, blog, ads, logos, flyers, info graphics and much more. Start creating your first logo using our supreme logo maker tool.

Make a free logo online in seconds


Pre-made logo templates

Do not create a logo from scratch. Choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates

Free access to elements

Use thousand of images, icons and shapes to make your logo in a super easy way

Professional fonts

Use hundreds of eye-catching fonts to make your logo professional.

Publish & Download

Download your logo in different resolutions. Share it on any social network

Drag and Drop Feature

No graphic design experience required. Simply use our drag and drop feature to create logos

Create your own brand

Our logo contains the font name and color used in the logo to create brand guidelines

Get full copyright ownership

After download, you will have complete ownership and copyright to use logo

Get Social Media Logo Kit

You can save logo in any social media format like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram

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How to create a supreme logo in 3 easy steps

1. Login to and choose pre-made logo template

2. Customize the logo by changing text, font and icons using our tool

3. Download the logo in different resolution including transparent background. Its that easy!

Login to GoToDesigno

Simply login to our website 

If you do not have an account, you can create one free of cost. It will take only few seconds to create an account.

For your ease, you can also login with Facebook or Google as well.

You can use our tool to make logos online for free. You can create professional logos in minutes. No graphic design expereince required. 

Two in one tool

Exit Popup Software

GoToDesigno has another tool called Exit Popup, this is used to convert website visitors into subscribers and customers with our powerful exit popup platform. In this case, we are focusing on logo, so we will select “Create Graphic”

Choose Logo Category

There are many categories available like social media, blog, ads, logos, flyers, info graphics etc. Let’s choose logo for this video.

For this example, choose Logo Category

Choose from pre-made logo layouts

We have huge collection of logo designs available, designed by professional graphic designers. These free logo layouts are super easy to customize with our drag and drop feature. Choose from hundreds of pre-made logo layouts, customize it and you are good to go. You can download the logo in transparent background so that you can use it anywhere on your website, blog or mobile app. You can also create the logo from scratch. For this example, let’s select one logo design and customize it. 

Customize text

Simply modify the text displayed on pre-made layouts and save it.

Free vector graphics

Choose from thousdand of free vector grahpics available within the tool. 

No graphic designer

Our tool is super easy to use. No graphic designer is required. 

Customize your logo with user friendly editor

You can change the text, color, size, text and shadow effects easily. Here you can access hundreds of fonts perfectly fit for your designs. Choose the fonts that reflects your identity. 

In the graphics section – there are thousands of free vector graphics and icons available to make your logo design stunning. Simply search the relevant graphic you are looking for and just click on it. You can also upload the graphics and icons from your computer.

There is no need for Adobe Photoshop or graphic designer. Our drag and drop logo editor is super easy to use. 

High resulotion download 

The logo can be downloaded in transparent background. Let’s download the logo and import it to see how the logo looks like.

You can also change the logo size by simply going to the RESIZE option and provide the dimension in pixels.

And that’s what GoToDesigno is for, easily create stunning graphics without Photoshop or graphic designers. So try us today at no cost and see how your business will benefit by using amazing design layouts for your social networks and other needs.

Color palettes for stunning logo

Here are few color palettes combinations which help you deciding the color scheme of your logo. You can simply get the color code of these combinations and use the color code directly in our free YouTube logo maker tool. 

 Watch demo

If you would like to watch the step by step video on how to create logo for free using GoToDesigno Professional YouTube Logo Maker tool, you can watch this YouTube video:

Some facts about logo?

Logo is visual representation of a company’s brand. It is a symbol on which text is used with dazzling color scheme. This is visual entity is used to signify an organization.

Always be careful in planning and designing a professional logo as with good ideology and well designed logo enhance the business activities whereas a logo having poor design can give bad impact of the organization.

Logo color combinations used by big companies

In business world brand differentiation is first step while launching your brand where the color scheme plays vital role. The importance of color is as human perception is very sharp in visual detection of contrast of color pattern.  Colors are very essential for brand recognition and for log and it must be matching with the functionality of the logo not conflicting. Choosing a color for an organization’s logo is important decision as for long term implication. Color mapping is methodology that is used in industry for recognition of potential colors for logo. There is no guarantee that choosing a good color combination will boost your brand, but one thing is quite sure that the logo color combination is not appealing then it could hold a negative impression on your target market. Sometimes if you use sharp color then it can really help you in brand marketing. Just imagine, you are driving on a highway and you saw a yellow McDonald's logo, then it will certainly stick in your mind.

Our free YouTube logo maker tool has color palette that can help you to use the colors according to your need to give stunning visual look to your logo.

Before proceeding with  logo designing with our free logo designing tool, go through the characteristics that well designed logo must have. These characteristic are in steps given below.

Basic principles of stunning logo design

When it comes to branding then choosing the right color scheme and font is very important. There are 5 principles for stunning logo designs. The best logo is the one which is memorable which means one its seen anywhere then people can remember it easily. For this purpose, simplicity of the logo plays a vital role in making logo memorable. A simple logo can be easily recognized. The logo should be appropriate and match the brand requirements. For example if you are creating any logo for pre-school, then it should have some icon for kids and the color combination should be sharp. An effective logo should be versatile which means it should be able to work out on variety of platforms. 

How to choose best font for your logo

When it comes to branding then choosing the right color scheme and font is very important. Here is the list of top 10 fonts for your professional logo.

Brandon Grotesque
Proxima Nova
Open Sans 

Your logo needs visual style guide

Style guide contains all the information which your company needs for different documents like credit memos, invoice, website, logos etc. Once you create the style guide then it's very easy to create any document as you mostly use the same style uniqueness everywhere. This will make your brand consistent. The style guides take a lot of time to create but once created then it can be used for many years. 

Key factors in deciding which logo to choose for your business

If you are having a hard time in choosing the best logo for your business then here are few tips that could help you out:

It does not matter whether you are designing a logo or creating a website or app. The design of everything is very important. If you are running out of design ideas then it's best to browser some design websites like UpLabs. This will give you some artistic inspiration in terms of color schemes, layout and fonts etc. You can get some creative ideas from this website which will help you to create something more beautiful and unique. 

You can also visit the websites of other businesses in your industry. Browse the pre-made logo templates of GoToDesigno, and see what fits for your business. Choose the one which you like and then you can change it as you want. This is the best approach instead of hiring a graphic design on high rates and then wait for the designs to complete. Even after getting the completed designs, you need to go back and forth to make some adjustments in the design. With GoToDesigno, you don't need to go through all this hassle. 

Is Logo Extraordinary

According to the graphic designers the logo of any organization must have unique appearance.

Is Logo Skeptical

There is no hard and fast rule for logo designing. It is changes from client to client. Most of the time clients want to see their logo skeptical. To get this level , they don’t use inappropriate  imagery, fonts and colors

Is Logo Visionary

Here visionary refers to “born of intelligent thoughts”   that should be noticeable to the viewers

Is Logo Relevant

Always add one or more relative images on your logo with relative and conceptual text.

Logo must be Versatile

Versatility is the basic rule for logo designing. You will see many amateur logos that will meet some of criterion but can’t be said versatile. A versatile logo will always reproduce something for your business.

Design a Tenacious Logo

Arrange the element for a logo in a shape that they don’t appear detached from one another. Separated elements for a logo give bad visual look. Cohesive logo is always attractive and gives good impression of your business.

Work for Attractive Logo

It is wise saying that beauty lies in eyes of beholder but there are broad things of beauty that attracts the viewers. These attractive things are not universal but have deep concern with the cognitive psychology of the designer. Our goal is design a logo that is appealing for most of the viewers.

Is Logo Distinct

This is one of the special areas in logo designing where poorly designed logos often fail. Sometimes designers use typography that lacks the faster communication.

Create a Memorable Logo

In logo designing achieving this attribute is difficult but for this purpose a lot of skill is the basic requirement. According to expert designers memorable logo is one in which is readily recalled by the viewers. If you would like to get a design idea, then you can visit 99 Designs website

Is Your Logo has lasting Effects?

It is really very difficult for every designer to predict either his creation has lasting effects or not. Only designer can be confident about their logos that it will work for some years as new concepts of designing are emerging every month of year. For a logo attractive color combination is extremely important. The logo which has a good color scheme has an eye catching affect. To know more about logo color combination, visit Canva blog on best logo color combination.

File Formats and File Extensions

GoToDesigno supreme logo maker software supports all file formats that are mandatory for logo creation. You can create your file with any of extension that are used for vector images.

Why Vector images for Logo Designing?

It is obvious that best free logo creator design software can generate logo in vector format.  Vector images are the best for logo designing as they are the starting point for the logo designing . Vector images have very flexible for the designer as these are easy to scale, edit and incredibly small. For these images designers have freedom when they design a logo and illustration. The best logo maker software is the one where you have plenty of free templates available to choose from. This will give you tremendous design ideas for your logo and make it easy for your to choose a perfect template. 

The images created by our supreme logo maker online software supports transparent background

If you would the logo to be created for different sizes, then you can do so easily with our free online logo creator. You can change the resolution of the logo by simply changing the width and height of the logo in pixels. 

Logo Dimension

This is main and variable area in logo designing as dimensions of logo are different for all social networks, websites and mobiles that given here

  • Facebook allow you to use 200 px X 200 px dimensions that can be cropped to 180 px X 180 px
  • On Google + recommended dimensions are 250 px X 250 px
  • Twitter uses 400 px X 400 px
  • YouTube Channel Icon ha s has range of dimension 98 px X 98 px

Logos for Websites

Websites are developed in two navigation layouts that are horizontal layout and vertical layout. Both websites layouts logos have their own dimensions


  • 16 px X 16 px
  • 32 px X 32 Px
  • 48 px X 48 px

For horizontal layout websites have different dimensions options that are

  • 250 px X 150 px
  • 350 px X 75 px
  • 400 px X 100 px

For vertical layout websites have the only one recommended dimension 160 px X 160 px



Creating a professional good looking logo is no more a challenging task. Gone are the days when you need to be a graphic designer to create logos. With the help of our supreme Logo Maker tool, now it’s super easy to make logos for free online with our drag and drop feature. Simply select the logo design you like and customize it. Yes, it’s that easy! You can create free logo designs without hirning any graphic designer. Our tool is super intutive to use. 


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