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It’s important to add a YouTube end screen to your videos if you want to grab the attention of your potential or future subscribers. In case you’re wondering how all of that works? Then no need to worry as you’re on the best guide for it!

We’ll briefly guide you all about YouTube end screens and will also answer all your frequently asked questions along with some best practices for an incredible YouTube end screen. Also, we have added some pretty cool and free YouTube end screen templates to get you started right away!

What Is the YouTube End screen?

YouTube is the no.1 video streaming site that lets users view videos uploaded by other users and also upload their videos. And it is quite fair that you learn all the basic requirements for perfect video upload to engage maximum viewers on your YouTube channel videos. Here’s when an end screen comes into play. It’s the last 20 seconds of your videos where you can add different clickable elements that take the viewer to different videos or a website to get traffic there as well.

What is YouTube End screen Size?

YouTube ending screen size simply means the area where you can add the desired elements and that pretty much depends upon your YouTube video size and dimensions. And the elements can be of any size that you want them to be. YouTube video size is mentioned below for your peace of mind!

The minimum size in dimensions is 426 pixels by 240 pixels.

The maximum size in dimensions is 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels. We would recommend to use 1920 x 1080 pixels for best results. 

Best Practices for YouTube End screen  

To make the most use out of your end screen you can use the following ideas:

Adding a visible, clickable subscribe button.

Adding a playlist to divert your viewers towards it.

Adding a clickable link to your other channels or your friend’s channels.

Adding a link to a specific website that you want your viewers to check out for traffic generation.

Using a minimum of three elements on your YouTube screen to make it look precise.

Promoting a video that you know will get a click by your viewers instantly after the video ends.

Promoting a video that has already earned you many views which makes sure that it will be clicked.

Choosing a video that is related to the content you’re showcasing in the current video to make a sequence for your viewers.

Labeling your element videos as “Next up” or “watch next” or “coming up” which makes sure that the viewer knows it’s clickable.

Adding social media icons that you currently use lets your viewer know that you are on those social media platforms and will generate engagement there too.

Adding audio in your end screen YouTube makes it pretty clear for your viewer that what’s he’s supposed to do next.                

How Do I Make an End Screen Template on YouTube?  

Having pre-made or custom-made YouTube end card templates can come in very handy if you have a busy schedule and want to make your videos without the worry of adding a new end screen every single time you upload. Gotodesigno’s graphic tool has some pretty amazing features when it comes to making an end screen template.

For your best convenience check out the simplest steps in making your personalized end card template for YouTube:

Step 1: log in to your gotodesigno account (which is free to make)

Step 2: choose the graphic design tool.

Step 3: set the size of your video whichever you prefer from the recommended YouTube video sizes.

Step 4: tap on create graphic.

Step5: now you’re redirected on a different page with a blank canvas for you to play with the backgrounds, shapes, and colors you like.

Step 6: Lastly, save your graphic and download it to use it as a YouTube end screen template.      

YouTube End Screen Templates 

Here are some free and pretty amazing YouTube end card template designs which you can use to start flawlessly:


That wraps up our guide!

Hoping you got all your FAQs answered and got the understanding of the YouTube end screens and their role in making your YouTube career flaunt. Don’t forget to suggest any edits and make use of these beautiful templates made by gotodesigno that are free to use for our readers!

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