Quick and Creative Designing of YouTube Channel Art with GotoDesigno

Quick and Creative Designing of YouTube Channel Art with GotoDesigno

YouTube channel art helps occasional visitors to become a subscriber of a particular channel if it is engaging and fully niche specific. It is the first point on the channel for the viewers either to navigate the channel or leave the channel without subscribing. It is open option for you to brand your channel’s identity and make your page eye catching with your artistic skill. Its look is like a banner that resides at the top of your YouTube page.

The most difficult thing is to keep the steady flow of new content on the YouTube Channel that keeps consistent attention of the subscribers. Here you have to play the vital role. For dynamic YouTube Channel Art you need professional skill for creation of a banner or you have to hire some skilled person for creation of images. No doubt, you have to spend a lot of budget for this purpose. Thankful to the GoToDesigno tool that has made easy for you to make your own professional banners within seconds. Off course these images are not only gorgeous but also very professional with tool magic. You can use our professional templates and can also use millions of free stock photos from our photo gallery when access is granted to you with paid monthly cheap subscription. Now with tool like this you can create as many as images you want in no time.

How  YouTube Channel Art is Visible on Various Devices ?

Each month of a year new gadgets are introduced with their own dimensions so to map this technology aspect, you have to be caring about your banner. Create a YouTube Channel Art for various devices and verify its look so that it can’t distract any of your viewers.

Directions for Image and File Size

YouTube Channel Art has different views on the devices like Tv ,mobile and desktop. In case your image is larger, crop option is available. The recommended resolution of image for all devices for optimized results is 2560 x 1440 px.

After all YouTube has introduced a standard for images and files that must be discusses here for the better understanding of our visitors

  • Dimension for Upload

When you have planned to upload an image, be careful that image minimum dimension should be 2048 x 1152 px

  • Minimum Safe Area for Text and Logos

YouTube allows you use the 1546 X 423 px for this purpose. In case you have larger image, it can be cropped for some views and devices.

  • Maximum Width

Standard dimension for maximum width is 2560 X 423. We can say that ‘safe area’ is always visible regardless of screen size. Moreover the area of sides of the banner is adjusted according to the browser.

  • File Size

The file size should not exceed the 4 MB. Lesser size file can be uploaded.

A Special Advice

YouTube Channel Art is the core area of your YouTube page. If it is well designed, you have completed the first step of creation of your channel with success and it is only possible when you follow all the standards of the YouTube that we have discussed above or will write below for your complete understanding. Moreover GotoDesigno tool is developed to create all banners that are consistent with the YouTube recommended limits.

YouTube Channel Art at Particular Device

YouTube Channel Art gives different look on different devices. Please make sure that you must have ideas how it will load when you are working in designing phase. Keep in mind that YouTube will allow you to adjust your banner matching your browser and device on which you want to view it

Computer Display

Minimum width on computer Screen




Maximum width on computer screen




Mobile Device display

The ‘safe area’ is adjusted according to the mobile screen width which is different for different devices


TV Display

This display is completely different to the other displays as in this visual presentation image is displayed in the background in the YouTube Channel Art.


High Quality Image

Its known fact and studies has made on this fact that human beings feel more attraction on the sharp images and sharp images used in YouTube Channel Art work wonder in increasing the subscribers that are sure a great and confirm source of conversion.

Put a Natural Sharp Image here

So, because of high quality sharp image your viewers will easily and happily interact with your brand at first look and they will feel pleasure in engaging them at channel. On the other hand if your image have low quality and is out of focus. Moreover nothing is clear to the viewers, will not make a good mind of viewers for your brand and there is no chance of engagement on the channel. On other hand good color scheme, attractive logo and well arranged text will helps the audience in engagement.

Product Demonstration

Visual display of the YouTube Channel Art gives an idea that this banner is real estate on YouTube page as it is at upper portion of the page and covers most area of the screen. It’s placement at this position gives clear idea that anything you put in the banner will capture the attention of the viewers.

If you have designing skill with which you can create product for your business, you will sure choose this place as the most suitable one to advertise your product. You can plan new product promotion each month for your business or something that is most effective.

A Marketing Tool

Overall a YouTube Channel Art is tool that is milestone in getting more views and in growing bigger audience. This positive step will help your business to increase the sale and make list of waiting customers.

There is huge chance of potential to become kinetic on your YouTube channel and this all is at your disposal. If your videos have creative and product ideas, they will create steady traffic for your business. The more traffic means that more sales you can expect.

So it is suggested to you, adjust the right tone at the start when your viewers lands at your channel. With well-designed YouTube Channel Art you can easily divert the attention of the viewers.

Minimum Skill 

YouTube has an array of readymade templates that can help you in designing your own YouTube Channel Art but without creativity and colors mixing scheme you can’t design a eye catching banner that is basic requirement for business.

Benefits of YouTube Channel Art

  • For YouTube Channel Art you have to create one image that can be visible on all devices. Its look according to device will be pretty smart. This flexible feature not only save your time but also save your effort from creation of other images with different dimensions.
  • You can enjoy with another benefits of stunning YouTube Channel Art that is, if you upload your YouTube Channel Art and your Google + Page will appear with same image at the same time. It is very simple and easy for you to create one image, and when your upload will be finished, same image will also appear at the Google +
  • All internet marketers are always in struggle to do the best at their own to differentiate themselves from other competitors by creating unique YouTube Channel Art as it discloses their marketing skill about their brand.
  • Like web page authority, YouTube Channel also has authority. YouTube Channel authority means how smartly your channel is ranked in searches for your business keywords. Outstanding YouTube Channel Art will be the focusing point of the viewers, more time the viewers stay on channel, greater will be the possibility of ranking of videos of the channel.
  • YouTube Channel is very reliable source to increase the subscribers for your YouTube channel. Most of the online entrepreneurs pay a lot of attention in creation of eye attractive banner for their business.

Final Words

YouTube Channel Art is the visual representation of your business theme. Good and business oriented banner is sign of promotion of business activities. This is point where viewers decide either to further explore the channel or not. In other words it is the visual promotion tool of your online business.


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