The perfect Twitch Panel Size 

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Twitch is the most popular streaming platform made for gamers all over the world. If you’re looking for a perfect guide to learn about twitch panels then you’re on the right track. You’ll find A-Z of Twitch extensions here along with some inspiring examples as well!

In our previous blog posts we’ve discussed in detail about twitch, twitch profile picture size, twitch webcam overlays, and twitch offline banner size, so now let’s get into the detail for its panels: 

What exactly is a Twitch Panel?

It is a frame or visual that is displayed below your video stream in your Twitch profile. You may use panels to organize your stream details effectively, but also to produce polls or something targeted for your subscribers.

what is the perfect Twitch Panel size?

The perfect twitch panel size is 320 x 120 pixels.

The max size for panel extensions is 320 pixels and any image larger than that will be re-scaled by Twitch automatically. For height, you have a little more room for artistry. Some channels like to use thinner horizontal panels including a section label. Others choose wider, rectangular panels to enable more room for script and pictures, in this case, a height limit of 600 pixels or 320 x 600 pixels, is recommended.

Some streamers like to be creative with their panel height and width which is totally up to them. The best-recommended dimension for a Twitch panel is 320 x 120 pixels, which will not be pixilated as well.

 Importance of Twitch panel

If you are into gaming and have made a twitch account recently then you need to know about the impact of these panels. You can gain larger engagement by adding a panel to your live streaming. Panels hold great significance in turning online visitors into permanent followers.

You can also utilize these panels to showcase your social media accounts there and increase your following on those accounts as well.

Other Important Twitch Size Chart and Dimensions

Now you know about the twitch panel size in detail. Let’s check out briefly the other sizes of twitch graphics:

Twitch Graphics Size
Twitch Profile picture 256 pixels x 256 pixels
Twitch Profile banner 1200 pixels x 380 pixels
Twitch Offline screen banner 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels
Twitch Overlays 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels
Twitch Thumbnail 1280 pixels x 720 pixels
Twitch Webcam 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels


Twitch Panel’s Best Practices

Twitch now allows its users to add in more than three, panel extensions in single live streaming which is great. But keep in mind that if your panels are bigger it will be better to only add one extension in your live stream so that it doesn’t look stuffed.

Below is a detailed list of options you can use to customize your Twitch panels according to your likings.

Personal Information

This Twitch panel is intended to be a bit of an overview of your streaming channel. This is utilized as a form to define you to your viewers or first-time audiences. When you create this panel, you need to ensure you don’t insert too much content and make it brief and easy to read.


There are many options to locate your streaming schedule on your Twitch channel. For instance, you can showcase your schedule on your channel’s cover photo or your offline screen. Twitch panels can also be used to put up your live streaming schedule on them. And it also makes your potential viewers remember your scheduling and come back right on time for the next live streaming.

Social media accounts

Twitch panels act as big buttons to be clicked on. So you can use these big buttons to get promotions on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And you can get a bigger following on these platforms due to these panels. Make sure you only include social media accounts on which you stay active and use the most.

Merchandise products

When you have built a big following on your Twitch channel then it will be a perfect time to launch your merchandise on your channel. Merchandise is a great way to earn some extra money and keep your fan following intact. For its branding, you can use these twitch panels to showcase your merchandise products there or to divert your audience to your merchandise website for better exposure.

Sponsors logo

Many sponsors will reach out to you when they see potential in your streaming and your followers count. They’ll pay you good amounts to get featured on your channel. Then you can make use out of these twitch extensions to advertise many sponsored company’s logos or their products for a greater response by your followers.

Donations for streams

Twitch panels are helpful when you need to put up the necessary information and to grab your follower’s attention to the max. In this way, a donation panel can be set up on your live steam to redirect your followers to help you by donating some money to keep you moving forward and to support your live streaming on Twitch.

Discord channel info

Discord is a live streaming channel similar to Twitch but not as popular as Twitch has become. Many streamers have their live streaming on both of these platforms simultaneously. To convert your Twitch audience towards Discord or vice versa, you can use twitch panels to feature your Discord account details along with its logo there.

Create outstanding Twitch Panels for Free with GoToDesigno Tool

And now the burning question arrives that how to make twitch panels? Just stay calm and leave it all to GotoDesigno’s extremely user-friendly tool for creating and editing amazing visuals within seconds!

Let’s check out the basic and easiest steps to use this tool:

So after logging in to your Gotodesigno’s account click on the “Create Graphics” option.

It will take you to a new page. Enter the desired size for your twitch panel and click on “Create”.

How to create twitch panel - Step 1

How to create twitch panel – Step 1

A new page appears. This graphics heaven is full of drag and drop options for your ultimate ease. Select the background, its color, its patterns according to your needs.

How to create twitch panel - Step 2

How to create twitch panel – Step 2

And create amazing twitch panels with ease and flexibility!

twitch icon size and templates

Our recommended Twitch Icon size is 320 X 160 pixels. You can create stunning Twitch Icon with GoToDesigno pre-made super easy to use templates. There is no graphic design experience required. You can use drag and drop features to create the icon in minutes. 


Stylish Twitch Panels

1 x2Twins

Twitch Panel - Pink Example

Twitch Panel – Pink Example

As the name suggests, they are two twin brothers who are professional Fortnite game players. They have a following of almost a million. Their panels are pretty cool to have a look on. The base color is pink which looks prominent on their channel. And the content is written with white along with logos of their social media accounts.

2 DfieldMark

Twitch Panel - Eye catching example

Twitch Panel – Eye catching example

He is a 24-year old boy streaming for about more than 4 years now and has a great following on Twitch. His panels are eye-catching. With a banner looking purple-colored panel, Mark has showcased all his social media accounts as well as links to a donation portal on his channel.

3 Petra

Petra Stoker is a Counter-Strike professional player. Her panel layouts are swanky with a fiery theme going on. She chose a black background and the content is orange-yellow. She also utilized her panels for social media accounts, donations, and discord display.

Now that you’ve learned the best-recommended size for twitch panels then don’t hesitate in making one for your channel right away with our Gotodesigno’s graphic tool for the maximum ease.

Hoping we covered the entire major points in detail for twitch panels and would love to read your positive feedback on the related topic. Keep reading our blogs for more jam-packed with information reads!