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Twitch is the no.1 streaming platform made for gaming streamers around the globe. Twitch streamers stand out from each other by keeping their channels up-to-date. Having a proper twitch offline banner is necessary if you want to entertain your followers even when you’re away. So if you’re someone looking for the answers for all the questions related to twitch offline banner then you’ve landed on the right blog. Keep reading and get stunned!

Twitch Offline Banner Size

Twitch Offline Banner Size – Complete Guide

What Is The Twitch Offline Banner Size?

1920 x 1080 pixels with a 16:9 aspect ratio is the ideal Twitch offline banner size. Those are similar ratios to a regular HD video. Twitch suggests that the file size by up to 10 MB and that the file format be either PNG, GIF, or JPG.

Twitch Offline Banner dimensions

Twitch Offline Banner dimensions

So now you know the twitch offline screen size but if you’re still searching for how to make a banner of your own then just keep reading!

How To Make A Twitch Offline Banner

An offline twitch banner is pretty simple to make and does not have any rocket science to it.There are several online graphic tools available for such purpose but gotodesigno’s graphic tool is the most user-friendly of them all. So let’s check out some basic steps to make offline twitch banner by using gotodesigno:

Step 1: make an account or log in to your existing account.

Step 2: Choose whether you want to work with the graphic tool or exit pop-up tool.

Step 3: after choosing the graphic tool, add the desired dimensions in the width and height fields respectively. Here we’ll put 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels for the Twitch banner size.


Step 4: Click on “create”. It will load a new page where you can now play with graphics, colors, elements, and text as you like and make an outstanding twitch banner within a few minutes.


Step 5: Save your graphic and download it for further use. And you’re done!


For your ultimate convenience check out some amazing twitch offline banner templates made with gotodesigno’s graphic tool to get you started:

Twitch Offline Screen Best Practices

1 Limit text usage 

Excessive text will push your audience off the screen. The aim of the text on your illustrations is to offer some important details without ignoring the graphics on the twitch offline screen. Add text which is bringing quality and delete info that’s not needed.

2 keeping consistency  

If you are creating an offline banner or profile image. Make sure the colors and graphics match. Use similar fonts that have similar colors and represent the same types of design. The best Twitch accounts all have their visuals consistent.

3 Create Relevant Theme

Create an exciting banner that your audience will be able to see and instantly know they arrived on your page. If you are a member of a team or group, the Twitch banner is a great way to display the logo of your team and use the colors of your team.

How To Add An Offline Banner On Twitch

Inserting an offline twitch banner to your channel is a perfect way to introduce your channel and give updates to your viewers while you’re not online. They are a perfect place to stay in contact with your followers and grow your following even when you are not active. You can also link your social accounts on your offline banner for great exposure. When you are offline, the video player will display the image you uploaded as a banner.

So now let’s get into the steps of how you can add an offline banner on your twitch channel:

Step 1: Log in to your twitch account and go to your profile picture to look for the “settings” option. Then select it.

Step 2: After arriving on the settings page, click on the “channel and videos” label.


Step 3: Click on “update” by scrolling down to the Video Player Banner section.


Step 4: Now upload the image you want to be displayed as your twitch offline banner and check if it’s updated or not. And you’re done!


How To Change Offline Banner Twitch

If you are wondering how to change twitch banner then it’s extremely simple! Just follow the above steps and upload a new banner and then check if it’s updated or not.

Hope you will find this two-minute read very informative and it will broaden up your knowledge. So now you know all about the twitch offline banner and got all your FAQ’s answered briefly. Keep reading and learning!

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