SoundCloud Banner Size 

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SoundCloud is the best free music application that lets millions of artists showcase their work to a community that’s more than millions in numbers. So it’s important to make a SoundCloud profile that speaks of your work and stands out from the rest for best recognition. For this, you need to know all about the ins and outs of SoundCloud banner dimensions which is the first thing your future followers will notice after seeing your profile picture.

So you don’t know anything about SoundCloud banner? No need to worry at all as we’ve always got your back and this time you’ll get all the frequently asked questions, answered that are related to SoundCloud banner size. Now let’s get reading!

Soundcloud Banner Size

Soundcloud Banner Size

What Is The SoundCloud Banner Size? 

A SoundCloud banner is simply the cover photo of your SoundCloud profile which is the first thing a new or potential follower-to-be will observe on your profile.

SoundCloud banner size that is recommended by the SoundCloud is 2480 pixels of width by 520 pixels of height with an aspect ratio of 4.7:1.

Soundcloud Banner Dimensions

Soundcloud Banner Dimensions

What Is The SoundCloud Profile Picture Size?   

The best recommended SoundCloud profile picture size by SoundCloud itself is 1000 pixels of width by 1000 pixels of height with an aspect ratio of 1:1.                          

What Is The Best SoundCloud Banner Dimension?

SoundCloud banner dimensions are simply the format and maximum file size for best practice. So the file size entertained is 2 MB and the formats supported are JPEG and PNG. for best visuals on the banner.   

SoundCloud Banner Templates                

There are many SoundCloud banner makers available on the market but very few are free to use but you can always count on us for free downloads. Down below you’ll find some amazing SoundCloud header template or SoundCloud banner template that are free to download:


How To Make An Outstanding SoundCloud Banner         

If you’re still wondering how to make a SoundCloud banner that speaks for your genre of music? Then worry no more as we’re here with everything you’ll need to know:          

The Best Practices For A SoundCloud Banner                     

– Using Lesser Text: it’s a great practice to use less text on your banner while keeping the main focus on your visuals. This tip will also make your profile achieve more followers as they’ll get the idea of your genre or type by looking at the appealing visuals rather than an over-crowded banner with text.

– Keeping A Basic Theme: it is okay to play around with themes to find and discover the one that best suits your music type or profile type on SoundCloud. But never mix and match with different fonts and color palettes to avoid jumbling-up your whole profile theme.

– Suitable Imagery: It is incredibly important to include photos and designs that are appropriate to the content and artist’s advertising. You want to build an image to which listeners can combine your sounds with constant layout, colors, and images. Create a SoundCloud header that reveals who you are, or how your product or service is.

So following these three tips is how you can make an outstanding SoundCloud banner for your profile. You can always choose Gotodesigno for making free SoundCloud Banners within a few minutes!

Best SoundCloud Profile Banner Examples

1 Oddisee Music

A minimalistic looking profile header which goes well with the rapper’s profile.

2 On Being Studios

Visually appealing profile banner that states so obviously that the profile is about a session podcast.

3 Demi Lovato


A famous singer who beautifully showcases the cover of her newly released album as her profile banner.

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