Photo editor is a tool that can edit all photos that are created digitally. All photo editing software are designed in a professional way so that they can organize all the photos after cropping and retouching. You are facilitated with the option to create a slide show of all finalized photos. Every photo editing software is incomplete without a basic set of tools for its consumers like air brush to modify the digital photographs. This tool is very helpful for the user to retouch any photo and give it a new beautiful look. These editing software are classified into the types

  • Vector Graphic Editors
  • Raster Graphic Editor
  • 3D modelers

The above mentioned tools are very basic level tools that are very helpful for the users to manipulate, enhance and transform images.

Each type of image has different scheme to store it on the storage medium. For example Raster Images are stored in the storage medium in an array of picture elements that has another name called pixels. In raster image the whole beauty of the images is dependent on the pixels as brightness and color information of image is embedded in the pixels.

Photo editors are designed very flexibly with options to change the pixels for enhancement of image in many ways. Algorithm for photo editor is written in such a way that it supports individual and group modification of pixels.

There are image editors that can do modifications of  vector images. The storage schemes of vector images are completely different than the raster images. These images are stored in the form of lines, curves and text not in pixels.

GotoDesigno is providing you a complete solution of your problems that you are facing while modifying digital images in the form of a very easy to use photo editor. We are giving you some obvious reasons that will promote your interest in using our photo editor. By using our trial version, I am sure you will change your mind and will instantly purchase it on recursive basis. Moreover our software in an online facility and you can use our tool on any gadget round the clock and round the world as our tool is light weight. The thing at your end is to use a good and steady internet connection. Your frustration will go to end when you will reveal its advantages that are explained here in steps.

  1. No Economical Burden

This is online photo editing facility for you, your friends and your family. It is very cheap. It is full photo editing package which will stop your visit on any photo shop for complex images or it will not permit you to purchase any other big photo editor application. Wonderful and versatile editing features are available that will be at your finger tips with a little practice on our software. Allow this application to be your partner in your personal life as well as in your profession.

  1. Very User Friendly

No doubt our photo editor is very easy to use. Moreover we have also uploaded a demo video of our editor to assist our users.  If you have your internet data, you can easily usage our photo editor every where even you are travelling on any travelling channel. All the options on our application are designed with a lot of care and research work so that you can save your time and can get maximum output.

  1. Work s on Less Space

As our photo editor is an online facility it will not use your gadget storage space. Your editing work is complete on your phone set, it will not utilize your mobile memory as happens in case of Photoshop. All editing activities will be online.

  1. Advance Features are Available

We are a dedicated team of professional and our research team always explores new features in designing industry. Whenever any new photo editing feature is launched on the internet, our development team starts its work on that feature and launches more advance feature than the other companies. Sometimes you can update your account with these advance features for  free or sometimes these are available on some incremental payment.

  1. Tension free Photographs

Virus is an enemy of your data that is stored on any of your gadget storage media but in case of online facility the story is completely different as in case of smart online photo editor, this problem is solved. This provide you facility either to save your edited work on the hard disk or on Google Drive . You can easily access your photos from Google Drive. You will be tension free and will be never caring about what happens as you have to manage everything online. Because of this available option you have free access to your all photos.

  1. No Professional Skill Required

Our online photo editor is programmed with a professional skill that any user who have a basic knowledge of computer can use our tool by watching our tutorial videos that are available on our YouTube channel.

  1. Better Clicks

A picture is beautiful or outstanding because of professional photo editing. Any fame on a picture enhances its beauty because of the versatile feature of photo editor. You are always dependent on the tool when you have intention to add shadow in your photo or putting scribbled message, getting a different hue or a pretty frame.

  1. Free for Limited Time

We are facilitating our all visitors to register on our website and can use our photo editor free for limited time. This free facility is only for one month. For next month use, you have to pay us monthly.

Final Words

Gotodesigno is offering an online photo editor that is very user friendly. This tool is very user friendly and has advance features. Moreover it is affordable and a sole online entrepreneur can easily purchase it. You can give a professional retouch to your photos with this tool. It can be used on any gadget round the clock and round the world.