A word “Lead” is often used among the entrepreneurs either they run their business online or offline. Most of the new listeners often think “Lead” as a sale but it is not a sale. It is the interest of the customer in your product,  or service.

Lead is a way to warm up the customers through contents; they may be in form of Text, Videos and Infographics. For consistent interest of the customers, it is mandatory to publish the relative and high quality contents.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is a process in which a customer starts playing interest in the company’s product or services. Basically in lead generation interest is generated in the customer or stranger and mile stones are provided to him for conversion.

There are more than one techniques for lead generation but according marketing classification the followings are the most admitted technique for lead generation.

  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • Outbound Lead Generation

Inbound Lead Generation

The most powerful and modern methodology of Lead Generation is Inbound Lead Generation in which initiation is from prospect side. Prospect selects the timing and type of interaction.  It is your responsibility to provide each and everything for which an individual lands at your website. With provision of relative and right knowledge, products and services, inbound marketing will be stable and will increase at each new visit. You can score inbound lead through blogging, video marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Selection of right niche and keywords is the soul of Inbound Lead Generation.

Outbound Lead Generation

The other name of Outbound Lead Generation is Interruption Lead Generation. It is an older style of lead generation in which you decide the time of interaction not the prospect. In this technique a message or number of messages are dished up to the prospect. This is costly and less effective and known as short term lead generation technique. Telephone calls, direct mails and messages are the main examples of Outbound Lead Generation.

Right Decision

Both Lead Generation techniques are result producing but your decision is based on your financial budget. Outbound Lead Generation is short term and costly but Inbound Lead Generation Methodologies long duration patience is the basic step. In Inbound Lead Generation result are produce after a long duration but are far more effective and affordable as compared to the Outbound Lead Generation.

Sale Lead

Sale lead has concern with the demographic and with a person or business that eventually becomes a client. Examples that fall in this category of lead are house hold income, age and income. An admirable feature of such lead is that it can be resold to various advertisers. The followed up option for such lead is phone calls. You can see such lead in insurance and finance industries.

Internet is very helpful in generation of business leads and because of this facility the leads that has not yet scored are informed to them and solution of the problems is delivered. The various sources of solutions are ebooks, webinars that can deliver the customers fresh information about the product. For high level of sale leads and question answer sessions are arranged in interactive environment

Sales with Exit Intent Software

Exit Intent popup software is one of the best tools that can generate leads. This tool is introduced by the Gotodesigno. You can use its trial version for one month. A popup windows appears when you navigate on the browser or finally click to leave the window. Various promotion messages are written on this window. To avail various promotion, you have to leave your email. In future you will enjoy discounts because of this marketing tool.