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Why IG highlights are important?

Think you having a hard time making desirable Instagram highlight covers?

Or maybe you want to learn how to make free covers for IG highlights?

Then my friend you are at the right place.

Stick around and find out more about money-savvy and time-savvy IG highlight cover making tips and tricks.

It is creditable that Instagram highlights make a great difference in bringing traffic to an IG profile. There comes our need of making our Instagram highlights worth a glance of our viewers. Keep reading our enlightening blog to get complete know-how on the topic and make it worth your while.

Instagram Highlight Cover Dimensions and Size

The size comes in the form of square dimensions. In order to get best results, I would recommend using the dimensions 2000 x 2000 pixels and an aspect ratio of 1:1.



The game changing Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram highlights are a magical option to relive your stories and to make them appear permanently on your profile page. Normally on Instagram, a story lasts only for a day but through IG’s spectacular highlighting aspect, you can make your stories last longer as long as you want.

To make it more interesting, Instagram also provides you with a feature to archive your stories for the future. You can then easily select your archived stories whether they are photos or videos and add them to your highlights without any hassle.

Create IG Highlight Cover in 3 easy steps

1. Login to GoToDesgino website and select the template you like 

2. Customize the IG Highlight Cover by changing text, font and icons using our tool

3. Download the cover and upload on your social media or print it. It’s that easy!

Create IG Highlights with pre-made templates

So, you are not an expert designer? Nothing to be worried about, as modern problems require modern solutions and we are here to help you in resolving the issue. There are tons of Instagram highlight cover templates available for users.

Our templates can help your highlight to look more professional while keeping the design process more uncomplicated and more comfortable for the users.

Before we proceed further, let’s have a look at our templates below to get an idea. 




How to create attractive Insta Story Highlights

If you are someone struggling to maintain traffic stream on your IG profile page and you eagerly want to know how to make Instagram highlight covers then buckle up because I am going to tell you all that you need to know.

You need to work willingly on your Instagram highlight for an increased number of audience and for that you need your color game strong. 

Colors make everything beautiful. Just like that, you need to select a color palette according to your company’s profile or whatever your profile is related to. You can go from minimalist looking Instagram highlights to funky looking ones.

Some might even use a range of colors relating to their company’s logo which is totally up to you and how you want to be creative.

GoToDesigno solves this problem for you by offering you a free Instagram story highlight maker. This tool is super intuitive and offers drag and drop feature to create flyer. 

You don’t need to be exceptionally well designed for the creation of highlights. 

Here are a few tips and a basic guideline for the creation of extremely suitable flyer. These guidelines and tips require a complete focus to grab the most appropriate information.

Login to GoToDesigno

Simply login to our website

If you do not have an account, you can create one free of cost. It will take only few seconds to create an account.

For your ease, you can also login with Facebook or Google as well.

You can use our tool to make flyer for free. You can create professional banner in minutes. No graphic design expereince required. 


Choose Category

There are many categories available like social media, blog, ads, logos, flyers, info graphics etc. Let’s choose logo for this video.

For this example, choose Instagram Cover Highlight Category from the given options.

Choose the design you like...

We have huge collection of Facebook  templates available, designed by professional graphic designers. These free Facebook banner templates are super easy to customize with our drag and drop feature. Choose from hundreds of pre-made templates, customize it and you are good to go. You can also create a new banner from scratch by choosing ‘create from scratch’ option.

For this example, let’s select one Facebook Banner design you like and customize it.

Customize text

Simply modify the text displayed on pre-made layouts and save it.

Free vector graphics

Choose from thousdand of free vector grahpics available within the tool. 

No graphic designer

Our tool is super easy to use. No graphic designer is required. 

Customize your design with user friendly editor

You can change the text, color, size, text and shadow effects easily. Here you can access hundreds of fonts perfectly fit for your designs. Choose the fonts that reflects your identity. 

In the graphics section – there are thousands of free vector graphics and icons available to make your logo design stunning. Simply search the relevant graphic you are looking for and just click on it. You can also upload the graphics and icons from your computer.

There is no need for Adobe Photoshop or graphic designer. Our drag and drop logo editor is super easy to use. 

High resolution download 

After putting all effects into banner and creating it stunningly, save it by pressing the save button given above. You can download it also by clicking ‘download’ button placed with all others on top bar. Your customized flyer is ready to use now. Upload it on Facebook page and enjoy professional looks of the page which can impress your viewers.

And that’s what GoToDesigno is for, easily create stunning graphics without Photoshop or graphic designers. So try us today at no cost and see how your business will benefit by using amazing design layouts for your social networks and other needs.

Why use GoToDesigno for IG highlight?

Instagram highlight covers play the most important part in making your profile page look extremely prominent and match able to your targeted viewers. Be very selective of what you put there as it will represent your brand, company, or public figure.

Easily Customizable

Anything in digital form can be customized easily. A lot of image editing platforms and web-based designing platforms, including GoToDesigno, has made it easier for the users to customize the flyer templates as per their preferences. We provide you a great opportunity to selected the most attractive and relevant design for your templates, customize it according to your requirements, and release it instantly without any aggravations.

Our user-friendly services make it convenient for the users to customize the colors, file size, layout, presentation style, output format, and all those things that a user can configure by prioritizing his market requirements.

Save time and money

Taking services of a professional designer is expensive as well as involves risk. The risk of not providing the design on time can adversely affect the business and marketing campaign of the organization.

Thus forth, in that unfavorable scenario, the availability of free  templates is a blessing for multiple organization. Here, you don’t need graphic design experience. 

Quick and super easy

As mentioned earlier, seeking professional designer services could be expensive and risky at the same time. But, thank the latest technology, as these flyer templates don’t require an expert to deal with them.

An inexperienced person can also create the templates without any prior skills and experiences.

 We at GoToDesigno, take the best care of user and provide the simple procedure that can be followed by every other person for the creation of professional flyer templates.

In short, the accessibility of online flyer templates has provided an enormous margin to the users to take the risk, as everyone can create these flyers as per his/her skill level.

Tips to make your IG cover stand out from the crowd


Designers have the hands-on practice to create the lovely flyers, but the inexperienced ones can also create like a professional by keeping all these tips including;

Making create icons

You can stand out from the rest by simply putting major efforts in the making of your Instagram highlight icons. Be creative and showcase your highlight icons accordingly to the logo or design of your company or brand.

From backgrounds to the graphic image of the Instagram highlight icon, you can make your Instagram highlight views go from zero to a hundred. That’s the basic impact of Instagram highlight icons.

Naming your striking highlights

Once you are done with your Instagram highlight covers icon, then you can come up with a fascinating and mind-boggling name for that particular story highlight to be showcased right under your profile bio.

Categorizing those icons namely will not only add value to your content but also it will make easy for your new audience to better understand your brand or product that you are selling. For example, if you are a cosmetic brand, you might want to sort out your Instagram highlights by eyes, lips, face and so on.   


How to edit, add and remove highlights from your story

For a beginner at managing social media profile, in our case, managing Instagram profile, you need to get creative and need to think out of the box to make your bio on-trend like all other popular profile pages on IG.

You don’t need to bring a wrinkle on your forehead, as I am here for your help. Getting you a step by step guide to ease your tensions is what makes us happy and fulfilled.

Editing Instagram Story Highlight

It is quite easy to edit and add Instagram highlight cover and Instagram makes it easy to change your icon cover as well. To do this,

  • You will need to find your Instagram Story Highlight and click on the bottom right of the story, where it says “more”.
  • Then tapping it will provide you with several options, choose “edit highlight” from them.
  • Now you can choose from your archived Instagram stories as your cover or you can choose from your photo files.
  • From your photo files, you can highlight the Instagram cover you’ve created in Gotodesigno.

 Adding IG Highlight

There are two methods you can add a highlight Instagram story to your IG profile and it’s pretty easy. The highlight story needs to be a prior Instagram story that was published on your profile. You can’t upload a photo or a video directly to the highlight of your Instagram story.


1. The first way is that you can add a highlight to the Instagram story is by tapping on the big “+” sign on your account page. Then, you can select the Instagram stories that you would like to include, and you can choose the title of your highlight and add a highlight cover that we described earlier.• The first way is that you can add a highlight to the Instagram story is by tapping on the big “+” sign on your account page. Then, you can select the Instagram stories that you would like to include, and you can choose the title of your highlight and add a highlight cover that we described earlier.

2. The second method is that you can add an Instagram story highlight is by previewing the story that you’ve posted and clicking on the bottom right of the screen where there’s a heart icon that says “highlight” just below. Then you’ll be able to select which category of highlight you want to add to the story.

Removing Insta Highlight 

Removing Instagram highlight is no biggie. It is just like adding or editing a cover on IG. You’re going to do the same functions here also.

  • Tap on the “more” options which you did earlier for the editing of a story post.
  • There you’ll get a list of options.
  • Simply choose to remove or delete highlight option and you’re done. 

Say No to graphic designers

The key to the perfect and distinctive Instagram highlight covers is to create a cover which is connected to the cause and structure of your profile.

If you are someone planning to hire a professional graphic designer for your Instagram highlight covers or Instagram highlight icons, then you need to sit down and chill as in this blooming and advanced era, you do not have to spend a ton of money for that.

There are several options through which you can make Instagram highlight covers free of worries and hassles. One of which is simply by using Photoshop. Photoshop is editing software which helps create different types and variety of images and videos but learning how to use this software can be a lot tricky.


Make Free IG Story Highlight covers


There are a ton of websites and Instagram highlight covers app for this purpose but I’ll recommend you only the finest and user-friendly website. Gotodesigno is your go-to place for all your graphic designing while saving you money and time as well

This website works on a subscription basis which as compared to hefty proposals of graphic designers is way much lesser. The best part is that you can subscribe to their services for free for about two whole weeks before you decide on buying a plan.

GoToDesigno, your number 1 and go-to graphic design site

GoToDesigno provides you with fantastic features which can instantly influence your Instagram highlight viewer in your favor. They facilitate you with templates ranging from Instagram highlight ideas, Instagram highlight covers icons, to Instagram highlight icons free of the fear of spending too much money on them. 

You can easily choose a variety of designs from their given templates or you can customize and personalize your style like Instagram highlight covers marble or gold, beach-inspired icons or some other style that you’re into or related to.

They offer huge savings on their monthly and yearly subscription plans, making them stand alone and atop than many other graphic designing websites. As low as ten dollars a month for a subscription, what more you could ask for? 

You get to have unlimited downloads, unlimited templates, social network templates, free stock photos, unlimited logos, save your designs, infographics, social network integration, team collaborations, electronic book covers and certificates, and announcements. 

Some inspirational IG Story Highlight Covers

Ulta Beauty

It is a place where you can get all drugstore makeup at one place. Their Instagram engagement is also high as they produce new campaigns and offers now and then. Their Instagram bio is precise and to the point. Their highlight covers are so precisely made to showcase their products perfectly. They have used the color of their logo which is orange to make icons on a minimalist white background which looks wonderful. 


Sprite is a fizzy drink that is supplied and made globally. Their Instagram page features their product branding and cool campaigns and challenges. Their Instagram highlight covers are also inspired by their logo which is green background and sprite written with white color. 


MNMS are little color-coated chocolate buttons which are packaged in a vibrant yellow pack which includes brown, red, green, blue and yellow-colored MNMS in them. Their highlight covers are too cute and match their product finely. Each highlight cover is made into a different colored MNMS chocolate button.

Go Pro

It is an American based technology which makes the world’s best action cameras that are easy to handle and waterproof.  Their Instagram highlights are full of fun and info. Their highlight covers are so simple and yet eye-catching. Their highlight cover icons are created like drawings that are grey on a cool white background. Their Instagram highlights views are getting more and more because of their minimalist cover. 

NY Times

The New York Times Instagram is full of informational and exciting posts. Their Instagram highlights are cataloged in such a way that they bring out the true pattern of the knowledge shared. By using pictures as their highlight covers and emoticons for representing the title name of the highlight, they sure make their Instagram highlights views raise high.

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