Inforgraphics word is combination of two words “ info” and “ graphics”. It is means that it is the way to deliver the information to the audience through graphics. This is one of the visual representations of information that is becoming popular in online as well as off line activities. Infographics is tool used to improve the mental understanding through graphics and visual representation.

In the recent years Infographics has evolved very quickly for complex data representation clearly.  This visual data representation is used in news papers, for scientific research, in class rooms and for executive presentation.

Through infographics you can engage your audience to your business activities and what you want to say about your business simply giving an attractive and professional touch to infographics. This is possible if information presented is relative to the niche and designed with proper text and colors scheme by following the principle of graphics designs.

Why Infographics is Becoming Popular

Here are the points that can demonstrate the popularity of infographics in any discipline

  • Visual information absorbs the audiences quickly
  • Human brain has quick processing power for visual information than the textual.
  • With less time more information can be absorbed
  • Combination of text and graphics instantly divert the attention of the viewers.
  • If viewer has no awareness to the language in which text is written but from graphics he can get the idea what is the intention of this creation.
  • It is interest booster as use of infographics in any article creates more desire in the reader to read the article with full devotion.
  • Today professional manage their presentation with infographics as it helps them to explain each point of their presentation

Application Areas of Infographics

Here with keen interest we are helping you by giving knowledge about the use of Inforgraphics

A Drafting Tool

Infographics in now days is very helping tool for the professional to create their resume to visually display their skills with their personal designing art. This is impressive style for short listing themselves for high career opportunities.

Representation of Survey Data

In survey data is gathered and statistics and number submerge the audience very much but this data arranged with the help of inforgraphics establish the interest of the visitors and assists the audience deeply analyze the visual report.


To create comparison with stunning inforgraphics gives a clear view of the similarities and differences in the visually created objects by keeping them parallel and labeling them with the relative text.  A lot of energy is consumed to list the comparison with the words that is sometimes very embarrassing for the audience.

Interesting Realities

There are heaps of realties that seem of no use when they are arranged in simple list but give enough pleasure to the readers when they are visually arranged  by the professional designer by using proper color scheme. The designers have skill to translate the realties with proper arrangement of facts so the previously uninterested audiences show their interest in that facts

Development Awareness Environment

We often come across with the important information that is dry and not interested but its communication is mandatory. Professional designers are groomed and have skill to create such a presentable and interesting infographics that make it understandable and interesting.

Awareness in the Consumers

Consumers always invest and consume their money where have sure that they are using their money with wise decision and will get the proper output at its spending. This is possible by giving them exact information so that can do their purchasing activities with confidence.

Point For Creation of Infographics

Our research can give you vision for creation of attractive infographics that are listed here in steps


With good idea you can create a good story and the foundation of this story you can create a professional inforgraphics. This story must be relative to the niche and must be about the audience of the related to the niche. Always design something on the area of interest of your audience. This will give you more traffic and Alexa ranking of your website will improve.


Create a unique style and use the font the matching font with the style. We always prefer hierarchal style for professional and stunning design. Use font that is must be related to the nature of the subject.

Avoid Confusion

Simple and neat work is always has its own importance. Muddy graphics always decrease the traffic on the website and viewers pay no attention to this Infographics. Always use proper fonts and images for your audiences.


You can use infographics on any of the social networks but for each social network you need proper resolution. Facebook banner can also be designed by keeping in view the principles of designing of infographics


Always share with your audience about the facts that you are using for a particular infographics. Creating an environment of confidence between you and your audience is the first step to make your infographics viral.

SEO and Infographics In parallel

With Infographics we have option to perform the link building activity. A large number of effective links can be generated that can very helping for the visibility of a website for particular keyword. Today Infographics has become very popular and stunning entity. Reasons are below

Effect Tool for Online Marketing

In current era audience love to read the contents with the visual information as compared to the plain text. Because of this reason internet marketers has started to use the infographics  and Google Trends has stored in its database the interests of users for infographics.

Very Useful for Brand Awareness

Infographics pass on very useful and important message about your brand or services by winsome visual contents. If infographics are well defined and created by a professional designer, they can be producing tool for a brand. Internet marketers admit Infographics  not only establish a brand awareness but also very practical in increasing the referral as well as the organic traffic for a website.

Infographics can be shared

If inforgraphics are well designed in a specific niche they can be shared by the digital marketer after a long time of their creation because of their relevancy and potential power.

Make Content Viral

According to the digital marketer’s research, the 95% traffic for a website is generated by the Infographics as compared to the plain text.

Besides the above explained features of the infographics , the data obtained from Infographics can be reused for further lead generation. If you make proper use of charts, graphs,tables, pictures, and other elements, you can be very proficient in creation of Infographics.  During creation make sure that your content must be relevant to the targeted audience.