how to add youtube subscribe button to videos

Step by step guide with pro tips

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button to YouTube Videos

YouTube is the no.1 grossing website/application for video streaming across the globe.

If you are new to this world then it’s completely understandable why you clicked on this article.

So let’s get started with the basic steps of how to add a watermark subscription button/widget to your YouTube channel’s videos.

First Step:

Login to your YouTube channel.

Second Step:

Got to the “creator studio/YouTube” studio settings where you’ll find all the settings for managing your channel. 

Third Step:

Then you need to click on the “settings” button which is located downwards to the very left.

Fourth Step:

After clicking on settings, a pop-up page will appear, you’ll need to select the “channel” option on the left side and after that “Branding” option.

Fifth Step:

Then you’ll need to select a time slot that when you want this watermark to appear in your videos.

The best practice is to pop it up as early as possible for potential viewers to convert into subscribers. 

Sixth Step:

The last step is to make sure your watermark appears in your videos.

You can do this by waiting a day or two and testing it by playing your videos because watermarks don’t appear instantly on YouTube for some unknown reason. 

Hoping this fun-filled, easily understandable, and informative guide was both productive and helpful at your end. Keep learning and keep reading our two-minute blogs filled with mind-boggling information.

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