A Free Logo Maker by GotoDesigno

A Free Logo Maker by GotoDesigno

Gotodesigno is introducing an easily manageable and simple free logo maker tool. This tool is very user friendly and easy to use for all those who have no earlier experience of logo designing with any of the tools. You can groom and polish your potential by creating heterogeneous logos with our tools. It is admitted fact once you will use our tool, certainly you will trap by its functionality.

We think it will be good for you to go through our post before using our tool as it will help you further to make you consistent user of the tool. Here are the concepts that are also helping tools for you to polish your skill.

What is a LOGO?

Logo is visual representation of a company’s brand. It is a symbol on which text is used with dazzling color scheme. This is visual entity is used to signify an organization.

Always be careful in planning and designing a professional logo as with good ideology and well designed logo enhance the business activities whereas a logo having poor design can give bad impact of the organization.

Logo color

In business world brand differentiation is first step while launching your brand where the color scheme plays vital role. The importance of color is as human perception is very sharp in visual detection of contrast of color pattern.  Colors are very essential for brand recognition and for log and it must be matching with the functionality of the logo not conflicting. Choosing a color for an organization’s logo is important decision as for long term implication. Color mapping is methodology that is used in industry for recognition of potential colors for logo.

Our free logo maker has color palette that can help you to use the colors according to your need to give stunning visual look to your logo.

Before forwarding to the logo designing with our free logo designing tool go through the characteristics that well designed logo must have. These characteristic are in steps given below

Is Logo Extraordinary

According to the graphic designers the logo of any organization must have unique appearance.

Is Logo Skeptical

There is no hard and fast rule for logo designing. It is changes from client to client. Most of the time clients want to see their logo skeptical. To get this level , they don’t use inappropriate  imagery, fonts and colors

Is Logo Visionary

Here visionary refers to “born of intelligent thoughts”   that should be noticeable to the viewers

Is Logo Relevant

Always add one or more relative images on your logo with relative and conceptual text.

Logo must be Versatile

Versatility is the basic rule for logo designing. You will see many amateur logos that will meet some of criterion but can’t be said versatile. A versatile logo will always reproduce something for your business.

Design a Tenacious Logo

Arrange the element for a logo in a shape that they don’t appear detached from one another. Separated elements for a logo give bad visual look. Cohesive logo is always attractive and gives good impression of your business.

Work for Attractive Logo

It is wise saying that beauty lies in eyes of beholder but there are broad things of beauty that attracts the viewers. These attractive things are not universal but have deep concern with the cognitive psychology of the designer. Our goal is design a logo that is appealing for most of the viewers.

Is Logo Distinct

This is one of the special areas in logo designing where poorly designed logos often fail. Sometimes designers use typography that lacks the faster communication.

Create a Memorable Logo

In logo designing achieving this attribute is difficult but for this purpose a lot of skill is the basic requirement. According to expert designers memorable logo is one in which is readily recalled by the viewers.

Is Your Logo has lasting Effects?

It is really very difficult for every designer to predict either his creation has lasting effects or not. Only designer can be confident about their logos that it will work for some years as new concepts of designing are emerging every month of year.

File Formats and File Extensions

Gotodesigno free logo maker supports all file formats that are mandatory for logo creation. You can create your file with any of extension that are used for vector images.

Why Vector images for Logo Designing?

It is obvious that our free logo maker can generate logo in vector format.  Vector images are the best for logo designing as they are the starting point for the logo designing . Vector images have very flexible for the designer as these are easy to scale, edit and incredibly small. For these images designers have freedom when they design a logo and illustration.

The vector images created by our free logo maker supports the extension .EPS, .AI , .CDR , .SVG  and .SWF

Vector file for logo created with free logo maker can be broken down into geometrical shapes that comprise of outline that are curved and meet at XY points. These geometrical shapes are stored as mathematical equations having small and portable size that can be extended as many times you want to edit it.

Logo Dimension

This is main and variable area in logo designing as dimensions of logo are different for all social networks, websites and mobiles that given here

  • Facebook allow you to use 200 px X 200 px dimensions that can be cropped to 180 px X 180 px
  • On Google + recommended dimensions are 250 px X 250 px
  • Twitter uses 400 px X 400 px
  • YouTube Channel Icon ha s has range of dimension 98 px X 98 px

Logos for Websites

Websites are developed in two navigations layouts that are horizontal layout and vertical layout. Both websites layouts logos have their own dimensions


  • 16 px X 16 px
  • 32 px X 32 Px
  • 48 px X 48 px

For horizontal layout websites have different dimensions options that are

  • 250 px X 150 px
  • 350 px X 75 px
  • 400 px X 100 px

For vertical layout websites have the only one recommended dimension 160 px X 160 px


What you think about logo creation, our free logo maker can facilitate you from basic to professional level creation. You can easily use this tool without any previous designing skill. You can save you time and energy with our free logo maker.


  • Rania E
    Posted at 8:06 PM, February 17, 2018

    Seriously your article about free logo maker is a life saver for me. I was trying to find somewhere where i can work on a logo for free and with many options and i didn’t find one. Thnx a lot for your hard work XD

  • Alnaggar
    Posted at 6:06 PM, February 18, 2018

    If you cannot use Photoshop or illustrator, and you are in need of an awesome free logo maker, this article will guide you step by step to know and learn all about logos.
    You will not only know about logo but also you will get a free logo maker, thus you will save money, time, and efforts.
    Thanks Guys

  • Sajag Pandey
    Posted at 9:33 PM, February 18, 2018

    With the convenient user interface and various templates, that too for free ,I must say I am indebted to gotodesgino’s Free logo maker. Along with their humble suggestions on what you should include for a prefect eye-catchy logo, through this post, they provide additional customer support if any queries. What more could one ask for? Thanks a bunch for such innovative steps gotodesign.

  • Posted at 9:13 PM, February 19, 2018

    A Free Logo Maker post is really a awesome post. Your free logo maker tool i very effective. your free logo maker tools characters made the steps very easy. Logo for websites such as fevicon was a great attraction for the post. thank u very much.

  • Azzahra Azhar
    Posted at 4:34 PM, March 11, 2018

    For a business beginner like me, this free logo maker is a very helpful tools in helping me to create and design my logo. Plus it is Free!
    This post really have lots of information regarding the logos and it make beginners to understand easily and very well. I’m so grateful that i found this website that gives me ease in creating logos. Thank you so much for this good tool!

    Such a great tool!

  • Nourhan Naim
    Posted at 7:59 PM, March 11, 2018

    Hiring a graphic designer to create a noticeable logo with zero budget like myself is a problem, whether you’re building a business from block zero or you’re preparing a portfolio website like myself you need to have a catchy logo with a great quality, it would be impossible to do so with no budget, and also you can’t make sure that the graphic designer you hire (if you’re not broke like me) would understand exactly what you want in the design, so making it yourself with an easy to use free logo maker tool and at the same time for ((free)) sounds perfect.

  • Adriana Acevedo
    Posted at 7:11 PM, March 13, 2018

    thanks to the free logo maker many companies have been able to grow in the industry and the arts, without a visual image life would no be the same above all for trade, thanks to this article for making us understand the importance of the visual 🙂

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