Facebook group cover photo size guide with free templates (2020)


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Facebook group cover photo size

Having a wonderful Facebook group cover photo is quite necessary nowadays. It’s the first thing that catches visitor’s attention get on your group page.  Thus forth, it is imperative to focus the Facebook group cover photo size and create the Facebook cover photo that best meets the purpose of your group. 

The perfect Facebook Group Cover photo size should be 1640 X 856 pixels, whereas the banner dimensions give the ratio of 1.91:1 aspect ratio.

Creation of Facebook group cover photo shouldn’t be complicated. Here at GoToDesigno, we have plenty of free templates ready for the users, that be customized and printed in no time. These templates are super easy to use and no graphic design experience required.  

Create Facebook group photo in 3 easy steps

1. Login to GoToDesgino website and select the template you like 

2. Customize the banner by changing text, font and icons using our tool

3. Download the banner and upload on your social media or print it. It’s that easy!

Create Facebook group cover photo with pre-made templates

So, you are not an expert designer? Nothing to be worried about, as modern problems require modern solutions and we are here to help you in resolving the issue. There are thousands of templates available designed by professional graphic designers. All you need to do is – just select the template you like and start customizing it. It’s super easy.

Here are some of the pre-made templates to give you an idea about the quality of the tool.


Why Facebook group cover matters?

Everyone wants to create a Facebook group cover photo that works well on your mobile devices and desktops. Just like different Facebook cover photos, the images of Facebook groups change frequently, and they appear mixed on multiple devices.

You must have observed modifications in Facebook Group Cover Size guidelines, and it becomes challenging to keep up all those amendments. Facebook group header size changed on November 27, 2017, and afterward changed repeatedly. The changes were agreeable to implement. Still, one of the major drawbacks was that Facebook Group Banner size appeared different on each device with its unique dimensions, and it was quite distressing for the visitors.

That’s why we are here provide you all the significant specifications and guidelines that will assist you in updating the Facebook group banner size as per the latest trends. As the availability of Facebook Group Cover photo templates can resolve the issues, and you can create the ideal cover photo in no time.

But before we explain to you how you can create the stunning Facebook group cover and what should be the ideal Facebook group header size, let us briefly explain the significance of Facebook Group Cover photo.

Significance of Facebook group cover photo 

There are a couple of reasons that signify the importance of the Facebook group cover photo.

  • Facebook is the best platform to catch the audiences’ attention

Around a billion people visit Facebook daily, and with this considerable number, the strong probability that your potential customers also spend a substantial time on Facebook increases.   

That’s why the Facebook profile of the brands must have appeared as the addendum for potential customers. It’s an excellent place to make direct connectivity with the customers that are exceptionally essential to you. Notably, it can be the only place for most of the customers to interact with a particular brand.

So the face you put forward on Facebook will create a considerable impact on what’s the perception of customers for the particular brand.

An apparent and well-fitted Facebook group cover photo size can appear as the only way for brand turnover.

  • The Facebook cover photo is the first thing that represents excellent connectivity with the brand

Whenever customers visit the Facebook business page, they instantaneously observe the image that dominates the page. It is the first place to grab the customers’ attention.

If your image doesn’t represent a strong association with the brand, then you cannot get the impulsive response by the customers.

Henceforth, you need to ensure that the selected image makes your page look good and helps it in standing out from the crowd.

Now once you have realized and identified the importance of Facebook group cover photo, the next thing is to get an idea about what should be the ideal size of the Facebook group cover photo. If you don’t have enough knowledge of cover photos, you can never create a masterpiece.

Example: Design Surplus


The ideal Facebook group cover photo size

The perfect Facebook Group Cover photo size should be 1640 X 856 pixels, whereas the banner dimensions give the ratio of 1.91:1 aspect ratio.

Facebook group cover photo sizes change a lot in the past few years. For instance,  Facebook Group Cover photo size 2017 was right enough for desktops but wasn’t ideal for the mobile devices.

Similarly, the adjusted size was also appeared kind of a flop in 2018 due to some common issues, including different sizes on multiple devices. The Facebook image size 2018 also seemed different in various methods and didn’t get much appreciation.

 But fortunately, the size has been fixed now with the fantastic dimensions. The cover photo not only looks incredible on mobile devices but gives remarkable results on the desktop as well.

In case you don’t follow the desired size, i.e., 1640 X 856 pixels, then there are strong chances that you can put yourself in trouble.

Example: BluChic



Easy Steps to Make an Facebook group cover photo

GotoDesigno is the most fabulous place to get plenty of Facebook group cover templates, and thousands of design templates all under the one roof. All these templates have been professionally designed, and you need to put a little effort into the customization of your masterpiece according to your choice.

Presenting you quick guidance about how to create Facebook group cover with a GoToDesigno template:

  • Go to Templates and look for Facebook Group category.
  • Click the beautiful templates as per your preference, and then click the Customize this template button.
  • Select the text you intend to change, click inside the text box and simply
  • You can change the color, fonts, and effects, etc. by merely clicking at graphics.
  • All set? Download the graphic in high resolution to upload on Facebook

Example: Kapke & Co Events 


Benefits of using GoToDesigno

Try GoToDesigno tool for free. Here are some of the advantages you will get by using our tool.

  • User our drag & drop feature to create banners in minutes
  • No graphic design experience required. Super easy to use
  • Thousands of stock photos and icons available for free use
  • Hundreds of fonts available to make your design stunning
  • The big thing – thousands of pre-made templates available designed by our top-notch graphic designers suitable for wide range of niches
  • Create one design and resize it quickly for other social networks 

Best practices for Facebook group cover 

The process of creating an Facebook cover is not much complicated, as this simple process requires you to know the best practices. These practices will help in the creation of a banner that genuinely represents your store, brand, and products. Let’s identify these different techniques for the production of group cover like a pro.  

Use prominent and contrast colors 

If you genuinely want your banner to stand out from the pack, then the selection of color schemes is the imperative factor that requires exceptional attention. For this, you should use contrasting colors. Because these colors not only apprehend the attention but also make your products look outstanding.

By contrasting colors, we mean the inclusion of bright colors with the white background. Is it the best way to highlight your products. For instance, if you have to display a brilliant product, then your background should be of light color. This way, you will have a great chance to show the product. 

Size is important

As we mentioned earlier, the ideal Facebook group cover size is 1640X856 pixels. Just make it sure that you are wasting your whole day designing a cover photo that looks weird when you upload it on Facebook.

If your chosen dimensions are smaller than the required limit, Facebook will stretch it out to fit the required size. This way, you will have to suffer the quality standards. So, if you want to avoid this hassle, then always prefer choosing the right size.

Here at GotoDesigno, you can use the pre-existing templates that are not only easy to use but take less time to create a perfect Facebook cover photo like a pro.

So, you don’t need to be a designer or an expert to create the best cover image; our templates can make the job easier for you to perform.

Mobile users should be top priority

Almost 90% of Facebook users access the social network by using mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.  That’s a considerable number, and you are strongly suggested to keep the mobile users in your mind while designing the cover photo.

Choose the colors as per brand

Your cover photo is an essential part of your page. So if it’s disturbing or baffling, people will click off the page without considering it properly. The theme of the cover photo should be according to the brand so that it may be used for brand promotion in the most unusual way.

20% rule for banner

Though the rule of using less than 20% of the content got older now, always we recommend you to keep the text concise if you have to use it for the cover photo. This way, you will make the image better, more informative, and engaging for the visitors.

Create the concept first

The first and foremost thing is to clarify the idea first. What is the purpose of your group? And what kind of benefits it gives to the members?

To have a clear and comprehensive concept can create a valuable page that can quickly be signed up by the members.

The purpose of creating a concise page is to hit the targeted audience, and this way, you can easily promote the brand. It can only be done if your page speaks well for the brand. 

The steps, as mentioned above, are easy to understand and can be implemented conveniently.

Some consideration for mobile cover photo

Here one point needs to be discussed for the mobile cover photo. You need to keep in mind that desktop cover photo would not work perfectly for your mobile. Before finalizing any cover photo it’s very important to test the image on both mobile and desktop in terms of resolutions.

See the example image below. The top part of the height will be cropped on both mobile and desktop. To get best out of it, your image or the main theme should be at the center of the design. 


Significant takeaways

Your Facebook group cover photo is one of the most important things that get the attention of potential members. So, you are strongly recommended to do your best. Keep in mind, if your business has stronger connectivity with the Facebook group, then it will have a more significant and clear impact on the branding as well.

If you have no idea how to start creating the cover photo, then use our templates for creating the best image that promotes the brand in an optimum way. Use our ideal practices and make sure that you have chosen the accurate Facebook group cover photo size, so no inappropriate cropping or stretching happens, and you get the desired image for the branding.

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