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What is the best Facebook event photo size?

To set up events on Facebook is a wholly more effortless procedure, but it takes time to create a fully-operational event page. It gives you a feeling of felicity when you get to see your event pages on Facebook running successfully. Hence, if you grow your business and advertise the events by using Facebook, then you must consider all the recommended dimension changes seriously. Make sure that you have displayed the content correctly by using an accurate Facebook event cover photo size.

The recommend Facebook event cover photo size, and the most favored size is 1200 X 628 pixels. [Verified Jan 2020]

To be more specific, keep the ratio 1.91:1.

However we strongly recommend you to use large image to get the best resolution on mobile, desktop and tablets. Our recommendation is to use Facebook event photo dimensions as 1920 X 1080 pixels. Mainly, it is correspondent to the aspect ratio of 16:9.

Creation of Facebook event photo shouldn’t be complicated. Here at GoToDesigno, we have plenty of free templates ready for the users, that be customized and printed in no time. These templates are super easy to use and no graphic design experience required.  

Create Facebook group photo in 3 easy steps

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2. Customize the banner by changing the text, font and icons using the drag and drop features of the tool

3. Download the banner and upload on your social media or print it. It’s that easy!

Create Facebook event photo with pre-made templates

So, you are not an expert designer? Nothing to be worried about, as modern problems require modern solutions and we are here to help you in resolving the issue. There are thousands of templates available designed by professional graphic designers. All you need to do is – just select the template you like and start customizing it. It’s super easy.

Here are some of the pre-made templates to give you an idea about the quality of the tool.


Why Facebook event photo matters?

We know that it is pretty exhausting to get the exact facebook image dimensions, but we have great news to share with you. We have got you secluded and can provide you the ultimate detail about facebook event picture size.

This article will cover the most appropriate information regarding facebook event cover photo size. Moreover, you will also find some best practices and the importance of accurate Facebook event banner size as well that conveys not only the actual message but also saves the time of readers.

If you have no idea about creating Facebook event photo size and you want to learn some best practices, then you need to follow some necessary steps first, as these steps will help you in creating the Facebook event photo.

But before we proceed further, let us define the concept of facebook event photo size in a nutshell.

How to identify exact photo size

We have witnessed multiple abortive facebook event covers. The common mistakes were; a few of them were too small and couldn’t fit the space of  Facebook event header size. Resultantly, they got stretched and lost their quality standards. Whereas some photos were more massive than the required limit, and their top area got cropped by Facebook. In both cases, Facebook failed to provide an ideal size picture as per the requirements.

If you want the remarkably beautiful Facebook cover photo size, then you will have to avoid all the mistakes and errors. This way, you will be able to create a masterpiece that meets all the quality standards.

We recommend you to go for the perfect Facebook event cover photo size, and the most favored size is 1200 X 628 pixels.

To be more specific, keep the ratio 1.91:1.

Whereas, Facebook event photo dimensions should be 1920 X 1080 pixels. Mainly, it is correspondent to the aspect ratio of 16:9.

Pro Tip: We strongly recommend you to keep the exact dimensions of 1920 X 1080 pixels. The reason is that if the pixel size is less than 1920 pixels, it will automatically be increased by Facebook. Resultantly, you will get a photo will fewer quality standards.

So, we strongly recommend you that don’t compromise the quality standards, and the dimension should be exactly 1920 X 1080 pixels.

There are various tools available for the most uncomplicated creation of Facebook event photo banners as per the quality standard. You can rely on GotoDesigno as we offer you different Facebook events cover photos, and these photos can easily be adjusted according to the right size and desired dimensions.

Example: Design Surplus


Before we explain to you how to create the idyllic Facebook event cover photo, let us share some smart tips and tricks with you, as these tips and tricks can help your page stand outside the crowd. 

Tips and tricks for event cover photo


Always choose custom photos with an appropriate theme

While creating a page, Facebook provides you various themes, including birthdays, holidays, drink and food, etc. If you select any of these options, they will pre-load the image into the cover photo spot. These themes are available to make the work convenient for you, and you can upload the Facebook event cover photos in no time.

But one thing you have to keep in mind is that these pre-existing themes can never give the event a custom feel. And the reason is that you will not find any built-in video options to choose from. So, if you intend to go for the video route, you will have to perform the whole procedure by yourself.

Example: BluChic


Preferred templates and design tools

Gone are the days when graphic designers used to provide these services. Nothing to be worried about if you are not a graphic designer or you lack the editing skills because you still can create the best Facebook event banner or cover photo by using various templates. For instance, Gotodesigno provides you multiple templates that can be adjusted according to the right dimensions for facebook event photos. Here you will end-up with getting the amazing professionally-looking event cover photo.

In case you want to go for some inspirational design theme, then almost all the tools provide you endless options to customize the image according to your size and preferences.

The availability of free tools and pre-existing templates is the smarts way to create a Facebook event photo banner with an accurate size.  If you follow the exact facebook event banner dimensions, then you will end up by creating a premium quality facebook event cover photo.

Presenting you quick guidance about how to create Facebook event photo with a GoToDesigno template:

  • Go to Templates and look for Facebook Event category.
  • Click the beautiful templates as per your preference, and then click the Customize this template button.
  • Select the text you intend to change, click inside the text box and simply
  • You can change the color, fonts, and effects, etc. by merely clicking at graphics.
  • All set? Download the graphic in high resolution to upload on Facebook

Example: Kapke & Co Events 


Benefits of using GoToDesigno

Try GoToDesigno tool for free. Here are some of the advantages you will get by using our tool.

  • User our drag & drop feature to create banners in minutes
  • No graphic design experience required. Super easy to use
  • Thousands of stock photos and icons available for free use
  • Hundreds of fonts available to make your design stunning
  • The big thing – thousands of pre-made templates available designed by our top-notch graphic designers suitable for wide range of niches
  • Create one design and resize it quickly for other social networks 

Must highlight the upcoming events in the cover photo

Your Facebook event cover photo is of great worth, and you should take advantage of it. To give the compelling impact, add the text in contrasting colors along with the name, date, and time of the event.  Moreover, you can add additional details, including the location of the event, to grab the attention of the audience. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget one thing that facebook never allows you to choose the cover photo with a ton of text written on it. That’s why don’t write more than 20% of the text on the image.

It is one of the essential considerations mainly when you promote the event by using facebook ads. The over-texted image will never be approved for promotion purposes. 

If you want to boost-up the event signups by using ads, then you must tap into the Facebook audience insight. It will help you to target the ad more perfectly.

Must consider audience relavant to event

Always think about the people who will attend the event and what they will achieve after attending the event. You need to clarify is it just a fun event, conference, or a learning event. Select the images that resonate with the audience and explain thoroughly what your event is all about.

For instance, if you are organizing a music Gala or fun night, then your selected images must be under the event. 

If you follow these smart tips and tricks, then you can easily create a facebook event like a pro.

Once you have created the facebook cover photo, the next step is to follow some quickest step to create the event in no time.

Let’s identify a few more manageable steps for the creation of a Facebook event.

Steps to upload Facebook Event photo

The first and the foremost step to create the facebook event is that navigate on the left-menu to look for the event tab. Soon after finding the event tab, go for the click+ create event being instructed by Facebook.

You will get to see two options, including public or private, to go for. Once you have chosen the option, the next appeared window will be all about creating the facebook event in detail.

  • Upload the Facebook Event cover photo being created by you.
  • Choose the unique and eye-catchy name for your event that attracts the audience.
  • Provide the event description so that the audience may get the proper idea about the event
  • Pick the accurate date and time of the starting and end of the event.
  • In case you have kept the event public, choose the relevant keywords that can be used to tag people so that they may find the event accurately.

How to make it unique

Facebook event is the ideal way to market you’re all the upcoming events. They provide you a great potential to hit the targeted audience quickly. If you genuinely intend to create an appealing event, then you must choose the design with the appropriate Facebook event image size, including the suitable color, theme, designs, and other combinations. That’s the best way to make your Facebook event different from the others.

Wrapping this up

To create a Facebook event is a simple procedure, and it can ideally be used for promoting the brand. You don’t show your physical presence for inviting people for the upcoming events. Now it is just a matter of clicking one button. 

Additionally, it provides you an excellent opportunity to enhance your interaction with the targeted attendances. They can also clear their ambiguities by asking the questions. The best part of creating a Facebook event is that it is not a time-consuming procedure and convenient for every single person to consider. 

Always prefer using the accurate Facebook event photo size as you can create compelling visuals throughout the event. The event name must catch the audience’s attention along with the comprehensive description. It will foresee the enthusiasm and will instigate the positive consequences in lesser time.

Ready to make Facebook event photo? 


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