A Facebook banner with Stunning Designs

A Facebook banner with Stunning Designs

Facebook banner is graphical representation of a brand.  Stunning and informative banner is always source of lead for the business and make the mind of the visitors to stay on your Facebook page. Poorly designed banner will leave bad impression on the visitors and they will not consider the worth of your brand. It is the place from where your professional activities start, so pay a special attention to its design. According Online marketers


“ The Facbook Pages with high quality Facebook banners have always higher sales “

What is Resolution of Facebook Banner ?

As we have already mentioned that its resolution is fixed according to Facebook authorities but it’s dimensions are  different depending upon the nature of the gadget that are mentioned here

  • If you are Desktop Computer user , recommended resolution is 820 pixel wide and 312 pixel tall.
  • If you are Smartphone user , recommended resolution is 640 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall.
  • Least limit for resolution of banner must be 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall
  • Size of the file must be less than 100 kb for JPG but for better results PNG file are advised.

When Facebook Banner is Required to Change ?

In running online business, it is often seen that  Facebook cover photo is not static but dynamic. This variation is always matching with the business ideas and business ideas always emerges from the marketing trends. So, we can say that Facebook cover photo have intense relation with the marketing trends.

  • You can change cover image when you plan any promotion
  • On any national and international festival
  • To introduce the theme of your business

Comparison of Cover Photo of Desktop with the Mobile

Technically and practically one size of Facebook banner is not applicable on the mobile as well as on the desktop computer. On mobile your requirement is taller image whereas for desktop computer your banner must be wide. If you have any of the images and you want to reposition it, you have option to use the Facebook reposition tool to get best optimize image for your page cover photo for marvelous display.

Ideas for My Facebook Cover Photo

There is no hard and fast rule for selection of cover photo but some are the key points that must be kept in mind while going for the final decision about it

  • Resolution of image
  • Relevancy with the business
  • High quality of graphic

Besides the above mentioned points it is not easy to know about the features of cover photos. This piece of image is always reflection of your business strategic planning and what are your required business goals.

Moreover here are the key points that must be there when you plan to use a cover photo

  • Precise introduction of Business   

Use precise tabbed text sandwiched by images to give formal presentation of your online business. Such a banner must be shuffled with new created banners as it will give summary of your business to the new visitor. A business is nothing until it is not known to its audiences.

  • Use of Logo in each banner

Logo is silent speaker of your business. If you are successful online entrepreneur and your product always has worth, logo of your business must be saved in the customers’ mind. Logo on the banner should be used on the top of left most corner.

  • Make it Hoarding for Future Events

Social Networks are the places where people visit to share their ideas. Further it is also a place where online business activities are always at peak. So always show your upcoming sale events with animated text and graphics to drive the attention of the customers on the key text.

  • Make it Source to Generate Lead

Business lead is the basic requirement of business owners, create a banner with a versatile style with call to action button on it so that the visitor of your page should turn into a customer. Numeric display of Sale must be in attractive and big font to make the sale prominent.

It is good that you have ideas about your business and you have a picture of graphic for your business but you have

  • No professional skill of graphic designing tool like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw
  • No time and budget to create professional Facebook photo cover for your business
  • No budget to hire a designer for your business

Now what is solution for your business in the above mentioned situations, I think GOTODESIGNO is tool that can assist you with following features

It has free stock images

  • You can use tool easily and can create your own banners quickly with no graphic design experience
  • It has professional templates gallery. These templates are our own designed by our professional designers.
  • Simply select the pre-made template, edit it based on your requirement and you are good to go. Yes, it is that easy!
  • This tool fulfills the requirements of most commonly used social networks
  • You can generate as many as banners you want.
  • The quality of the banner designed in this tool is the banner designed in tools like Adobe Photoshop and Coral Draw.

Advises for Facebook Cover Photos

  • Never use irrelevant images
  • Use attractive color scheme matching with the theme of your business website
  • Text on banner must be relevant to the business
  • Text must be comprehensive and precise
  • Never use too many pictures on a single banner.
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