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How to make flyer free

Are you excited for the upcoming events? Do you want to promote your new products and services? Interestingly, an eye-catching flyer can help your products and services to stand out from the crowd. Now, you must be thinking about how to make flyer uniquely that helps you in the successful promotion of your products and services? Well, you can easily create flyers with free templates for your upcoming events and the promotion of your products and services without spending much time. 

Creation of supreme quality flyers shouldn’t be complicated. Here at GoToDesigno, we have plenty of free flyer templates ready for the users, that be customized and printed in no time. These templates are super easy to use and no graphic design experience required.  

Create flyer in 3 easy steps

1. Login to GoToDesgino website and select the template you like 

2. Customize the flyer by changing text, font and icons using our tool

3. Download the flyer and upload on your social media or print it. It’s that easy!

Create flyers with pre-made templates

So, you are not an expert designer? Nothing to be worried about, as modern problems require modern solutions and we are here to help you in resolving the issue. There are thousands of templates for flyers available for users, that can be used by anyone to create flyers. One thing that requires a complete consideration is that flyer creation should be perfect and noticeable, as you can show flyer for the promotion of your targeted product segment. This way, an exceptionally well-designed flyer will get users attention and will not be thrown away in the dustbin.

If you intend to make a flyer online for the promotion of your upcoming events, business or for the promotion of your products/services, you can trust our flyer templates without any second thought. Our templates for flyers can help your flyer to look more professional while keeping the design process more uncomplicated and more comfortable for the users.

Keenly readout the discussion to discover the easiest ways for the creation of attention-grabbing flyers with the premium quality free flyer templates. Moreover, you will find a useful tip regarding how to create an attractive flyer online. Before we proceed further, let’s briefly discuss the benefits of online flyer templates and how do they save the users’ time.




Step by step process to design flyer

This first question which can come to your mind is “How to make flyer?” while thinking about making a flyer. This most helpful tip can also solve your curiosity for how to make flyer online!

GoToDesigno solves this problem for you by offering you a free flyer maker. This tool is super intuitive and offers drag and drop feature to create flyer. 

You don’t need to be exceptionally well designed for the creation of custom flyers. Because we exactly know the answer to “How to Make the Flyer look outstandingly amazing.” Just choose the best flyer template out of thousands of our flyer templates and proceed further.

Here are a few tips and a basic guideline for the creation of extremely suitable flyer. These guidelines and tips require a complete focus to grab the most appropriate information.

Login to GoToDesigno

Simply login to our website

If you do not have an account, you can create one free of cost. It will take only few seconds to create an account.

For your ease, you can also login with Facebook or Google as well.

You can use our tool to make flyer for free. You can create professional banner in minutes. No graphic design expereince required. 




Choose Category

There are many categories available like social media, blog, ads, logos, flyers, info graphics etc. Let’s choose logo for this video.

For this example, choose Flyer Category from the given options.

Choose the design you like...

We have huge collection of Facebook  templates available, designed by professional graphic designers. These free Facebook banner templates are super easy to customize with our drag and drop feature. Choose from hundreds of pre-made templates, customize it and you are good to go. You can also create a new banner from scratch by choosing ‘create from scratch’ option.

For this example, let’s select one Facebook Banner design you like and customize it.

Customize text

Simply modify the text displayed on pre-made layouts and save it.

Free vector graphics

Choose from thousdand of free vector grahpics available within the tool. 

No graphic designer

Our tool is super easy to use. No graphic designer is required. 

Customize your design with user friendly editor

You can change the text, color, size, text and shadow effects easily. Here you can access hundreds of fonts perfectly fit for your designs. Choose the fonts that reflects your identity. 

In the graphics section – there are thousands of free vector graphics and icons available to make your logo design stunning. Simply search the relevant graphic you are looking for and just click on it. You can also upload the graphics and icons from your computer.

There is no need for Adobe Photoshop or graphic designer. Our drag and drop logo editor is super easy to use. 

High resolution download 

After putting all effects into banner and creating it stunningly, save it by pressing the save button given above. You can download it also by clicking ‘download’ button placed with all others on top bar. Your customized flyer is ready to use now. Upload it on Facebook page and enjoy professional looks of the page which can impress your viewers.

And that’s what GoToDesigno is for, easily create stunning graphics without Photoshop or graphic designers. So try us today at no cost and see how your business will benefit by using amazing design layouts for your social networks and other needs.

Why flyer templates are so important?

The provision of the facility to make a flyer free of the cost comes with tons of significant benefits that can help businesses to enhance conversion. Here are some core benefits including; 

Easily Customizable

Anything in digital form can be customized easily. A lot of image editing platforms and web-based designing platforms, including GoToDesigno, has made it easier for the users to customize the flyer templates as per their preferences. We provide you a great opportunity to selected the most attractive and relevant design for your templates, customize it according to your requirements, and release it instantly without any aggravations.

Our user-friendly services make it convenient for the users to customize the colors, file size, layout, presentation style, output format, and all those things that a user can configure by prioritizing his market requirements.

Save time and money

In the era of technical advancement and hap-hazard, every other person looks for alternate ways to save much time and money. The provision of free flyer templates is the best opportunity for the businessmen to go for. The reason is that the templates are always available with the guess works, and the user doesn’t need to spend valuable time to stuff the relevant information.

This way, the chosen and attractive flyer can be created in strict deadlines or for some essential purposes. It is kind of relief or last-minute solution for digital advertisement.

Similarly, maximum revenue generation and minimum cost/expenditures are the core motive of all the business organizations. The availability of free online flyer templates provides a great chance to save money and valuable time.

The user needs to add a bit too relevant details, and it’s not imperative to provide all the details from scratch.

Taking services of a professional designer is expensive as well as involves risk. The risk of not providing the flyer on time can adversely affect the business and marketing campaign of the organization.

Thus forth, in that unfavorable scenario, the availability of free online flyer templates is a blessing for multiple organization.

Quick and super easy

As mentioned earlier, seeking professional designer services could be expensive and risky at the same time. But, thank the latest technology, as these flyer templates don’t require an expert to deal with them.

An inexperienced person can also create the templates without any prior skills and experiences.

 We at GoToDesigno, take the best care of user and provide the simple procedure that can be followed by every other person for the creation of professional flyer templates.

In short, the accessibility of online flyer templates has provided an enormous margin to the users to take the risk, as everyone can create these flyers as per his/her skill level.

Tips to make your flyer stand out from the crowd


Designers have the hands-on practice to create the lovely flyers, but the inexperienced ones can also create like a professional by keeping all these tips including;

Write a concise title

Make your title catchy, extraordinary, and confrontational by carefully selecting some brief word. Always prefer adding some famous words in your title and headings including Finally, Its Time to, Discover, Unlock, Verified and insider, etc.

After choosing the template, the selection of these affective words will surely gain audience attention and will make them curious to read the whole flyer carefully.


Use Bold and pop up text in your flyer

Let me tell you one thing straight. By using this technique your text can be bright and clear to the viewers. This tactic is used in several flyers now a days to increase viewership. Introduce your viewers with bold and pop-up text of your video then sit back and watch every minute increasing views on your video.

Attached flyer is just the best example of this.

  • Text written in pop-up words is clearly indicating the purpose of flyer with a perfect number of white spaces.
  • Bold and contrast colors are used.
  • Consistent color scheme is introduced in graphic and text like pink and blue.


Avoid complications

Inform the audience about what they need to know. The informative yet straightforward details will get them excited about the upcoming events and activities.

That is why the exact information is required to grab the best attention of the audience.

It is preferable to highlight the titles and subtitles in bold, but there is no need to keep the whole texts in CAPS form.

It not only becomes difficult for the targeted audience to read the text, but it doesn’t give a good impact as well. To make the text attractive, the selection of font size is a serious matter to consider.

High quality stock photos

Though GoToDesigno provides you a great variety of thousands of images, you can use your particular image to give your flyer more professional look. 

Factually, the image is the focal point that lets the user read the whole text. You can download from the internet as well. But it is always preferable to use personal images.

Best images and relevant materials can help you to show flyers to the targeted customers more efficiently.



Stay focused

Your flyer is of no use if no one can read the details mention in it. It is crucial to select the font that is not only readable but attracts the attention of the audience as well.

This way, you will be able to promote your brand, business, and achieve the targeted goal. Otherwise, your work can go unnoticed.

The audience is more interesting in knowing “what you have brought for them,” that is why your selection of words should be according to their perspective.

You must use the word “you” or “your” to let them know you are offering something that benefits them. Don’t over stuff the template with inappropriate words like us.

The long paragraphs can create trouble for the customers; that’s why prefer using relevant text that is on point.

Divide the long paragraphs in small text and put them in separate attractive boxes.

Color Scheme

One of the quickest and effective ways to change the flyer is to use a feature known as “Color Scheme.” You have multiple options for the selection of color scheme, and it can be done by selecting our predefined color scheme according to the template. Or you can create a brand-new color scheme according to your preferences and requirements.

If you are running short of time, then it is preferable to rely on the available color schemes, but if you have plenty of time, then you can come up with your color scheme.

The sensible selection of color scheme plays an influential role in making your flyer look way too prominent.



Use visuals to improve design

Visuals can get better attention than the text. That’s why, give a clear message and strengthen its impact by using latest and stylish icons, original illustrations, and edifying charts. Here at GoToDesigno, you can browse our library to get a wide variety of icons.

We are sure that you will find hundreds of relevant icons that can meet your requirements.

They are not only informative but stylish enough to grab the customers’ and targeted audience attention.

The selection of relevant graphics works like magic for your business. It’s better to choose one large image instead of selecting the small images. A beautiful photo and exceptionally great illustration not only grab the attention but also supports your message (what you intended to convey).

The addition of some other elements, including QR codes, some attractive icons, and social handles will create more comfort for the people to get a complete idea about the event.

It can be done by browsing the icon library; you can find it under the “Graphic Panel.” After seeing the icon library, opt the icon you require for your work.


Proof read the final design

Once you have created your flyer template, it is always preferable to show your work to someone for proofreading.

Thoroughly check that the contact information, the phone number you have mentioned on the flyer is correct. Moreover, the URL of your website should be written carefully so that it can be accessed easily when needed.

The emphasize on the selection of precise and notable text is not only to grab the audience’s attention but also to avoid grammatical mistake.


How to add wow-factor to your flyer


To add a wow-factor in your flyer doesn’t require an exceptionally high skill level. Our professionally designed templates can do this job far better than a lot of experts.

Our flyer templates are available for every kind of uses according to your thematic idea. We allow you to add the personal flyer by;

  • Changing the color scheme
  • Selecting the relevant font size
  • Adding your images
  • Enhancing the flyer’s worth by adding icons, graphics, and visual illustration

After completing the core as mentioned above processes, use the intuitive drag, and drop canvas for moving the element on our page.

Never settle for something less than what you deserve!!!

If the boring clip art doesn’t fascinate you then stop thinking about it and create a premium quality flyer with GoToDesigno.


Make a flyer that conveys the message and catches reader attention

If you want to over stuff the flyer with some inappropriate words and you still believe that you will find the readers’ attention, then you are wrong. If the goal is to educate people about your upcoming events or the promotion of new product range, later you must pay complete attention towards the creation of eye-catching flyer. A flyer that gets the full attention of the user and user finds it difficult to move his eyes away from it should be the ultimate goal.

People are flooded with every day offers, set a unique and clear message that grabs peoples’ attention.

The core ingredients to design flyers that cannot be ignored at any cost are: use a readable, clear font with an attractive color scheme. The premium quality visuals and a bit of creative work like the cherry on top. 

For the inexperienced person, the opportunity about making a flyer for free is a glimmer of hope. GoToDesigno offers a great variety of templates for every kind of people having a different skill level. We have done a lot of heavy lifting and work. All you need to do is just put a small effort for the formation of the desired template. 

If the bulk of templates confuse you, then you are suggested to look at the others’ flyers. Start collecting the flyers and then the things you have liked in the flyers and stuff you didn’t like about it.

You can browse the existing designs that are available online just to see which design attracts you the most. The inspirational flyer templates available at GoToDesigno can give you wings and can turn the table in your favor because all the models have been designed, keeping in view the needs of the users. 

Pro Tip: Take advantage of our alignments and margin settings or the tools in the design programs being chosen by you can make an over stuff-heavy flyer look more balanced and composed. These settings play a significant role in balancing your layout and work well with the white space to get the well-presented content.

Create buzz for your upcoming product


The creation of Buzz for the upcoming events, promotions, and product branding is an effective way to make your flyer worth considering.

In today’s digital era, a flyer is the best way to convey the message to the relevant audience in a short time. It’s an effective way and always work IF flyer covers all the core aspects that are important to grab the user attention.

The concise and easy to read the message can be digested easily as compared to long paragraphs of no meaning.

We provide you a great variety of flyers templates that can help to convey the message you intend to communicate. Here are a few advice for the selection of design including

  • Always use the bright and cheery color for the advertisement of campaigns
  • The shiny and contemporary design is ideal for the promotion of technical products
  • Add creativity in the flyer to get it noticed by the relevant population

The better and slick format you choose, the more your flyer will get attention in less time. We have made it easier for you to select the flyers as per the requirement because we genuinely wish the prosperity and flourishment of your business.

Must incorporate company branding

Incorporating the company branding helps in keeping your message constant transversely all the platforms. That’s why it is always recommended to add the company branding in your flyer design as well.

It is convenient for the users to customize our flyer templates to fit the brand needs best.

You have to upload the logo by using our image tool. After this, you will have to paste the brand color hex codes. It can be done quickly in our color picker tool.

GoToDesigno has its customized brand kit that can be used by the users according to their brand theme. If you already have your brand scheme, images, and logos, then you can use them in the future. 

As the customized kit is up to date and according to the latest market needs.

Some words about GoToDesigno Online Flyer Maker

Our free flyer maker isn’t complicated, like different other design programs, and you don’t need to download anything to use our free flyer. Just signup using your email, Gmail, or the Facebook account.

After creating the account, you will find hundreds of templates in our library. Edit any of the chosen templates.

There is no need to be afraid of taking risks. You all are creative, and we provide you an excellent opportunity to show your creativity because GoToDesigno flyer maker is online.

Isn’t it convenient for you to design your flyer anytime or anywhere? Admittedly, it is because we have made it easy for the users to crate the flyers from our templates anytime according to their preferences and availability.

Don’t think much about it; just start creating attractive flyers with GoToDesigno.

Flyer printing and distibution

Once you have created the desired flyer from GoToDesigno Flyers templates, the next step is to get it in front of the audience. We genuinely want you not to compromise the quality, these why here we are sharing informative detail that you need to focus. This will help you in getting the satisfactory flyer from scratch till their final distribution. Just check out the details. 

Use Bold and pop up text in your flyer

Let me tell you one thing straight. By using this technique your text can be bright and clear to the viewers. This tactic is used in several flyers now a days to increase viewership. Introduce your viewers with bold and pop-up text of your video then sit back and watch every minute increasing views on your video.

Attached flyer is just the best example of this.

  • Text written in pop-up words is clearly indicating the purpose of flyer with a perfect number of white spaces.
  • Bold and contrast colors are used.
  • Consistent color scheme is introduced in graphic and text like pink and blue.


High quality laser printer

Before you choose where to get the flyer printed, a few things that you need to consider the price, quality, printing type, and time required to get the final prints.

Digital printers are more in trend nowadays, as their turn-around time is quick. They are preferable if you need a small number of flyers because they are a bit costly.

If you want premium-quality prints, then you will have to pay a higher price. Otherwise, you will have to make a compromise. It’s a fantasy to find the supreme quality prints at a lower price. If it happens, then trust us, they are not of good quality.

Take into account the location too, if you have to pick the flyers by yourself and you can’t rely on the delivery

Texture of the paper

Decide the thickness of the paper. Are you looking for a flimsy leaflet or the postcard meets all your needs? Sleek or Nonglossy paper? Will you be folding it in future or not?

The best solution is to take a sample from the printers to get a complete idea about the paper that is according to your requirement. You may need to compromise if you have a limited budget. Otherwise, you can choose the paper that is of excellent quality and gives your flyer a completely new look.


Test Print

It is strongly recommended to take a test print but making full order prints. Things may look different online and have a complete unique look on the paper. Taking a test print can help you in checking the picture quality, color, and size of the text. Proofread the card too to ensure it is according to the requirement.

Distribution of flyer

Printing isn’t the final destination of your flyer; its physical delivery is one of the crucial tasks and the new beginning of the flyer. Make sure your hard work pays off.

The difficult task is to distribute the fabulous creations among the relevant audience. How can you improve the chances of a flyer to be prominent?

Don’t waste your time reaching out the wrong audience, get your flyer noticed by distributing among the relevant individual.

Additionally, you can achieve your goal by using the digital platform for the distribution of flyers. You can send the PDF version of the flyers to the relevant audience via email. Posting them on multiple social media platforms not only saves the time but a cost-effective technique too.

This way, you will have a strong chance to reach out to the focused population in less time. Social media is the best way to convey your message effectively, and the feedback you get on social media provides you an excellent opportunity to improve the flyer.

Thus, the guidance, as mentioned earlier, can play an imperative role in the distribution of printed flyers among the relevant users. GoToDesigno not only aims at the provision of online flyer templates but truly wants users to achieve their ultimate goal as well. That’s why this brief discussion is fruitful for the users who wish to their hard work to pay-off.

Final words

The core purpose of this article was to highlight the importance of online flyer making templates. It has been discussed in detail that the digital transformation has changed the priorities, and it’s not imperative to take a professional designer’s services for the creation of templates. Gone are the days when you used to take costly services of the designers for the production of dream templates. Now a lot of web designing websites including GoToDesigno has made it convenient for the inexperienced user to create the best flyer from the templates.

In the era of chaos, the provision of this service is more like a blessing, as it not only saves valuable time but money as well. One thing to consider is that not every site can be trusted for the creation of the flyers. Here at GoToDesigno, you can get the best flyer templates and can create a magnificent creation (your ideal flyer) in the short term. It is strongly recommended to save your time and make money worth investing.

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