Business card is a piece of paper on which business or personal introduction is written in definite pattern along with the logo of the business. It is a communication tool that often entrepreneurs keep with themselves to invite the people for them or their business.  People often remember you because of your business card. A well designed business card gives impressive introduction of you and your business.

Eye catching business cards have more than one type that are given with their description

Business Cards with Laminated Silk

A thin film of silk is used on such cards to make them

  • Strong
  • Water resistant
  • Tear resistant

These types of cards are recommended by many of the professionals and are most suitable for all types of businesses.

For good and ideal result 19 PT card stock is used for printing purposes and are available on various sizes and multiple options that are

  • Spot UV Coating
  • Foil Stamping
  • Rounded Corners

These cards have high quality with luxurious effects.

Lamination on these cards provides pleasurable effects during the holding

Business Cards Using Foil

Two types of foils are used in business world that are

  • Inline Foil
  • Traditional Hot File Stamping

In case of traditional foil stamping colors or metallic foil is used on the stock paper with effects of heating die. Die is used to press the foil on the paper by developing high pressure. This impression transfer the design on the stock paper.

There are pleasing effects of formation of such business cards that are

  • High give more precedence to your business and products
  • Grabs the attention of potential customers

The beautiful features of these cards are

  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Eye catching

Traditional foil stamping cards are in the market with available options of

16 PT silk laminated card stock or 14 PT uncoated card stock

On the other hand in case of Inline foil, printing mechanism is performed on C2S card stock.

Plastic Cards

These business cards are often thought as the alternative to the standard business cards. These are cards with long life and also water proof. The available options for such cards are

  • 20 PT clear
  • 20 PT frosted
  • 20 PT white plastic cards

These cards are mostly liked by the business professional

Folded Business cards

The creativity level is at the pinnacle on such business cards. These cards are more spacious than the normal business cards. On these cards you can include social network options and map location of your business.

Dimensions for Business Cards

The standard dimensions for finished business cards are 3.5 X 2 inches. You have often seen a bleed on printed cards. The bleed area for printed cards is 1/8 inches of designed elements. This is extra space that is later on cut down for professional outlook. When you are at point to create your business card. Keep in mind the following tips with you while going through business cards file or document.

Include the bleed area in your document with dimension 3.75  X 2.25 inches. If you have planned to see your card without bleed area then you can go for dimension 3.5 X 2.0 inches

Design Plan for Business Cards

  • A query in Google searches with keyword “Business cards” can give thousands of options with stunning designs for your business card. You will have wide variety of templates and designs. Choose one you like the most.
  • Professional software is the requirement for design of your card. You have open options for free and paid software that can assist ideas for designing a business card. Apply you all creative ideas for your card. To check the quality of designed card, get print of your designed master piece.
  • Write all of your important online and offline contacts on your card


Why Business Cards are important?

Why business cards are used in current advance technology age ? No doubt most of the people have digital equipments in their hand, so what is the need of old fashioned business cards.

Good here are the reasons that will answer the audience why business cards are still important.

Everyone is not Smart Device User

Some people are still limited to the computers; you can send your business promotion to them through their email. Your message reaches to them whenever they open the email.

Most of the people still don’t use smart phones and you can’t send your business contracts to them. In such cases business cards play vital role for business commodities sale.

Business Cards are always Alive

Business cards have no down time. You can use them at those places where there is no internet service. You can use them either at fishing spot or in dense hill area. You are free to use at the spots where mobile phones are not allowed to use.

Save Time

Instead of writing contact information, email and website address on paper, you can quickly give business card to your client and can easily save your time.

Business cards live in Your Memories

It is free hand to the designer to use the different color pattern on cards and can give a professional look with his creative and professional skill. This artistic work with attractive color scheme makes it memorable.

Business Cards Defends your Business

Business activities often flourish among different businesses that are trust worthy. Business cards dish up legitimacy to the business. Business cards with professional look give an impression to the other business men that you are running a successful business.

Marketing Tool

Business cards are the marketing tools for your business. When you deliver this card to any one, you just inform the others about your business along with the contact information so that people can easily communicate with you. All promotional activities can be performed with this tool.


Business cards are the basic need for every range of business. It is small introductory document of your business.